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5 questions to ask before switching energy suppliers

A lit gas hob
Winter is on the way and so are price rises from the UK's gas and electricity firms, so now is a good time to compare prices and switch to a cheaper supplier. Here's what you need to ask before making the move.  Read More…

Save lives with a 5 minute gas check

blue gas flame pound symbol

Whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner, everyone’s equal when it comes to gas safety. Save lives with a five minute gas check.

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The best energy suppliers revealed

Gas hob

New industry figures show an overall drop in complaints made against Britain’s leading energy suppliers.

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Smart meters: Can they save you money on your gas and electricity bills?

Energy icons

Smart meters are the future, or so we keep being told. But what are they? And can they keep your gas and electricity bills down?

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Ten tips for greening up your home

a lightbulb made out of a plant

In the first of a three-part series aimed at helping you ‘green up’ your home, we’ve joined forces with Home Building & Renovating Magazine to offer some top tips for saving money and the planet all at once.

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The future of energy generation

Artist's impression of a solar island

To reduce global reliance on fossil fuels, much research is being made into more sustainable ways of generating power. Take a peek into a possible future here.

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Keep your home warm and safe with our top tips

Thermal insulation material

With winter on its way, we’ve got some handy hints and tips for staying warm whilst conserving energy – and moreover doing it safely.

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The big six’s green energy tariffs

solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

Everybody’s getting into green (renewable) energy these days – including the Big Six energy providers. Here’s a rundown of the various green tariffs available from the energy giants.

  Read More…’s guide to energy-saving white goods

a retro style refridgeration unit

One way to shave pounds off your gas and electricity bills is to switch to more energy-efficient home appliances. From fridge freezers to cookers and washing machines, takes a look at how they work and why they’re so good.

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15 green tips to save money and the planet

solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

Here are’s top fifteen energy saving tips that could also save you money…

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