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Credit card firms start new balance-transfer battle

Hand holding a credit card

Facing a hefty post-Christmas credit-card bill? Help could be at hand in the shape of a new 0% interest transfer deal – but watch out for the small print.

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6 best ways to get your bank balance back in shape

Piggy bank on scales

When it comes to reviewing your finances, it makes sense to focus on the areas that could save the most cash with the least effort.

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Are overdrafts the worst way to borrow?

Close up shot of coins flowing from a tap

Banking regulators say that charges on overdrafts have become too complicated – and they are also one of the most expensive forms of credit.

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Budget calculator tool

Budget calculator

If you’re wondering how much you spend each month on those little bits and bobs, then try our handy budget calculator tool.

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Blog: Who should teach children about money?

Child reading book with parents

Personal finance isn’t yet a fixture of many school timetables. And many parents would freely admit they aren’t up to the job themselves. So who should teach children about money?

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Vain Brits turn to credit to keep up appearances

  •  31 May, 2012
Concept online shopping

Forty per cent of  Brits use their credit card to make themselves look good by buying beauty and grooming products, according to new research* from

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Guide to debt management

Losing equity

Because it is made through a formal undertaking with the county court, an IVA may have greater appeal to your creditors than, for example, a debt management plan, although it will mean your having to pay off an agreed proportion of your debts over a shorter period of time.

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Choosing and applying for a credit card

Choosing and applying for a credit card - teaser

Looking for credit but don't know where to start? Take a look at our tips, guides and tools for help on choosing a card.

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Money-saving tips, tools and guides

Blue piggy bank filling up with money

From easy ways to save, to the cheapest times to buy, here are all the tips, guides and tools you need to become a money-saving expert and get your finances in shape.

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Should I get a credit card or a loan?

Woman using calculator
Which is a better way of borrowing money - a credit card or a loan? It all depends on how much you want and how fast you can repay the debt.  Read More…

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