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What is no medical life insurance?

No medical life cover is an insurance policy for those over 50 which doesn't require any medical or health information, any medical records from your doctor, or any medical examination.
  • You pick how much you want to pay each month, starting from £10 a month
  • It pays out a lump sum upon death which could be put towards your funeral, or used as a financial gift
  • If you're eligible, you're guaranteed to be accepted
  • No medical needed or health/medical questions asked

A life insurance policy can bring tremendous peace of mind, letting you know that loved ones could be covered financially should anything unexpected happen.

Why might I need life insurance?

There are a lot of reasons to take out some form of life protection, from covering a mortgage to providing financial security for your family and loved ones. A no medical over 50s policy is different - it's a smaller lump sum pay-out than your typical life insurance policy, but also, no health questions are asked.

With figures like these released by the Office for National Statistics, making sure you have some cover in place could be an important priority for you.

deaths in 2013

You may already have some form of life protection in place to cover your mortgage and just want some further cover to help towards the cost of your funeral, or simply to leave a gift behind to the people most important to you.

Finding life cover that suits your needs

A life insurance policy that doesn’t require a medical is usually reserved for the over 50s. Though you might still be in the prime of your life, you can easily plan for the future with an over 50s policy. At, we can help you find the insurance policy best suited for your life past 50, and with no medical required.

It's a simple application process with less than 10 questions to answer, and once you've done that you'll be given your results which will show you:
  • How much the lump sum would be in the event of a claim
  • Confirmation of your monthly premium
  • Information on who's providing your cover
  • A link to the key facts document

Other useful resources

As well as no medical life insurance, we also have a lot of other specialist policies that you might find relevant as well as some useful guides:

How much life insurance you need can be confusing, so we've created this handy life insurance calculator tool to help you decide how much cover you need.

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