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Exeter Family Friendly health insurance

Exter family friendly
Customer services
0300 123 3203
  • Exeter Family Friendly
  • Lakeside House
  • Emperor Way
  • Exeter
  • Devon
  • EX1 3FD

Why choose Exeter Family Friendly health insurance?

  • 24-hr GP helpine available
  • Hospital stay available for parents with children
  • Cover offered for home nursing following authorised in-patient and day-patient treatment

Exeter Family Friendly health insurance facts

  • Cover for consultant and specialist fees can be chosen
  • Cover for diagnostic tests and hospital charges is available
  • Cover for costs of physiotherapy is also available

Who are Exeter family friendly?

Exeter Family Friendly are an award winning, mutual healthcare and protection insurer.

As they are a mutual friendly society, Exeter Family Friendly don't have any shareholders, which means they don't pay returns to shareholders and are free to concentrate on what is best for their customers.

Exeter Family Friendly currently have around 115 employees. Their API is around £55 million, of which around £40 million is private medical insurance. Exeter Family Friendly - has 31,500 private medical insurance customers.

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