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Joint health insurance

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What is joint health insurance?

Joint health insurance lets you cover two people under a single policy. It can provide you and your partner with private medical care, giving you access to treatment more quickly and helping to avoid lengthy NHS queues.

For example, imagine if you need a hip replacement, a common procedure where a damaged hip joint is swapped with an artificial one. You could wait some time to get this type of surgery done on the NHS. But with private health insurance, you’d be able to contact your private health insurer to see if the operation can be done sooner.

Private health insurance could allow you to get the procedure done in a private hospital, with a private room and access to some of the best consultants in the country.

Joint health insurance is sometimes called couples’ health insurance. If you want to add children to the cover you take out for you and your partner, you could make it a family health insurance policy.

Why choose joint health insurance?

It can make more sense if you and your partner are covered under one health insurance policy rather than taking out two separate ones. Not only does joint health insurance make it easier to keep track of what you’re covered for, but it can often work out cheaper too.

Joint private health insurance means you’d each be covered just as you would be if you’d taken out individual policies. But you’ll just have less admin to keep track of with only one premium to pay and, importantly your policy can still cover the cost of whatever private healthcare you both need.

What does joint health insurance cover?

Exactly what you’re covered for depends on your joint health insurance policy. Cover is typically split into three levels - basic, medium and comprehensive.

  • Basic level policies will cover the cost of any inpatient treatment you or your partner receive at private hospitals. This includes things like operations but does not include diagnostic procedures   to uncover any illnesses you may have.

  • Medium level policies cover the above as well as a limited amount of diagnostics. You may get £1000 of diagnostic cover, for instance. Anything above that level will not be covered.

  • Comprehensive policies will cover both inpatient and diagnostic treatment in full, with no financial limit set on either aspect of your private healthcare. You may also be covered for   complementary treatment like physiotherapy, chiropractic care and mental health support.

Who can be listed on a joint health insurance policy?

Joint policies cover up to six people as long as you live at the same address. If you’re covering two adults, you don’t need to be married to get dual coverage.

What are the benefits of joint health insurance?

Here are some of the key benefits of taking out joint health insurance:

  • Having just one health insurance policy rather than two means there’ll be just one set of premiums to pay and one point of contact for your insurer, making things simpler.
  • A joint policy can work out cheaper than buying two separate policies.
  • Getting private health insurance for you and your partner means you could significantly cut down on waiting time if either of you needs an operation
  • You get access to private hospitals for your health care, which means you can get your own private room as well as benefit from the expertise of world-class consultants.

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Is there anything joint medical insurance won't cover?

It’s always worth checking the cover in your health insurance policy against what you need and compare with other products. As with insurance in general, when you take out joint health insurance there tend to be a few common exclusions to keep in mind.

Most policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions - health issues you had before taking out the cover - or things like complications/diseases you may have developed due to drug abuse. For a full rundown of the most common health insurance exclusions, see our health insurance page.

How to find the best joint health insurance deal?

There’re a few quick ways to ensure you get the best deal with joint health insurance cover at the best price. Think about:

  • Your excess with the more you’re willing to pay as an excess, the cheaper your premiums quotes are likely to be
  • What cover you choose - if you’re looking for inpatient-only cover, then a basic policy may be all you need. To get the full range of private medical health insurance cover, we can help you find our best policy for you, at our best price
  • Add-ons get optional extras like 24/7 GP access, mental health support and more. Consider whether you need these, as opting out of them may save money on your premiums
  • Look for deals, some providers may have offers throughout the year

What other types of health insurance are there?

If you’re looking to cover a single person, taking out a single health insurance policy is your best option. But if you’re looking to cover the whole family, family health insurance can be handy too. It works in much the same way as a joint policy, only you’ll have cover available for both your partner and your children.

Will we need a medical to get health insurance?

No, you usually won’t need a medical to take out joint life insurance. All you’ll need to do is answer a few questions that will help us find our best cover for you.

We’ll usually ask about:

  • Your lifestyle habits, like whether you smoke and how active you are
  • Your medical history
  • Whether you have any pre-existing conditions like severe asthma or diabetes

We’ll do the rest to find a joint health insurance policy that works for the both of you.

Why compare joint health insurance quotes with us?

Here’s why you should compare joint health insurance quotes with Confused.com:

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  • Get a quote today and let us do the hard work.

What are the different types of health insurance?

What our health insurance expert says

“Whether you’re covering yourself and a partner, or you and your child, joint health insurance policies make everything easier. You’ll only have one premium to pay, and a single policy that makes it much easier to keep track of who’s covered for what.”

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