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Beatles albums over the years

Beatles albums infographic

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Please, Please Buy Me: 50 Years of Wildly Successful Beatles Albums

The Beatles’ first studio album, Please Please Me, was released in the United Kingdom on 22 March 1963. Who would have believed that, 50 years later, the band would be revered and loved the way they are today? But the proof is in the pudding: Each of the Beatles’ albums sold extremely well, indicating that they must have been doing something right. And the lineage of well-selling records continued long after the Beatles broke up — as John, Paul, George, and Ringo all released their own studio albums. We journey through each of their releases, from the band’s inception through today, to learn just how well they sold.

US RIAA Certification Thresholds, in Units Shipped
(The UK did not implement record certifications until 1973.)

Silver: 100,000
Gold: 500,000
Platinum: 1,000,000
Multi-Platinum: 2,000,000+

The Beatles’ Core Catalogue

Please Please Me

With the Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night
4x Platinum

Beatles For Sale

3x Platinum

Rubber Soul
6x Platinum

5x Platinum

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
11x Platinum

Magical Mystery Tour
6x Platinum

The Beatles aka The White Album
19x Platinum (Each unit counts twice because of its double-album status.)

Yellow Submarine

Abbey Road
12x Platinum

Let It Be
4x Platinum

Post-Beatles Successes

Number of post-Beatles studio albums: 8 (one released posthumously).
UK: 1 platinum | 1 gold | 1 silver
US: 5 gold | 1 2x platinum | 1 3x platinum

Number of post-Beatles studio albums: 22
UK: 5 platinum | 10 gold | 2 silver
US: 1 3x multi-platinum | 1 2x multi-platinum | 6 platinum | 10 gold

Number of post-Beatles studio albums: 11
UK: 2 gold | 2 silver
US: 1 6x platinum | 1 platinum | 6 gold

Number of solo studio albums: 16
UK: 1 gold | 1 silver
US: 1 platinum | 1 gold

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