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Lisa Greenfield

Will I be stuck with my supplier if I put up solar panels? editor Lisa Greenfield

Thinking of putting solar panels on your roof? Might it limit you to just one energy supplier?

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Top tips for saving on your mobile

Mobile phone bills

We’ve all got one, and they cost us a lot of money. So how can you reduce your mobile phone outgoings?

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Gas & electricity annual statements: What are they?

Plug being inserted into socket

Ofgem now require energy suppliers to send annual statements to their customers, detailing exactly how much you’re paying for your gas and electricity. This transparency is, in theory, good news for the consumer.

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Lisa Greenfield

Lisa Greenfield

Lisa Greenfield is an analyst looking after the utilities products on, and when she has a free minute or two she helps us write articles and guides about her areas of expertise, including gas and electricity and broadband. Lisa loves saving herself and others money and has an eagle eye for a bargain.

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