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Which Herbert are you?

The Herberts in a line up

BRIAN the Robot has some new helper bot friends - the Herberts! Find out which Herbert you are by taking this quick quiz.

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BRIAN's year 2014

BRIAN the Robot at the Fitzroy Tavern

What have LEGO, David Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Joey Essex got in common? They've all featured in BRIAN's review of the year, that's what. Find out how here.

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The adventures of micro-BRIAN

Micro-BRIAN out on adventures

One of BRIAN's fans has made a paper BRIAN the Robot and taken him on adventures. Here are some of her photos.

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9 more things that look like BRIAN

Another of BRIAN's lookalikes - some binoculars

Many humans are saying that things they see in everyday life look like me. Here are more of my lookalikes.

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9 things that look like BRIAN

BRIAN's lookalike in the United States

Some humans have been calculating that certain objects they see look like me. What do you think of these ‘lookalikes’?

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Bad date Hades:'s disaster dates

A couple on a bad first date

Would you like to hear about the worst dates the team have been on? Read on, if you dare. And be prepared to cringe.

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Last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine's flowers

We have a few suggestions for last-minute romantic gifts and gestures which might just save the day, and save you money.

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Keith Chegwin brings back TV's 'Swap Store' with

Remember Swap Shop, the show that kick-started Saturday morning TV for kids in the 1970s? Well is bringing it back, for one day only, featuring the original swapping maestro, Mr Keith Chegwin.

Find out where and when...

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Join our community for the chance to win £50

fifty pound not close up

To celebrate the re-launch of our community area, we’re offering £50 of high street shopping vouchers to the most insightful comment posted.

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Can't ditch your morning latte? You don't have to...

Money in jars building up

Ditching your daily Starbucks habit may save you over £500 a year but if you can’t face arriving at work without a coffee in your hand; here's how to get your daily caffeine fix and still save pounds.

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