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Drivers face new crackdown on motorway speeding

Motorway traffic management
Doing over 70mph on a motorway? You might be fined for speeding.  Read More…

How petrol thieves are risking your insurance

Fuel tank
40,000 plates are stolen or cloned every year. Find out how it works and how avoid getting your number plate stolen.  Read More…

How a drink driving ban could affect you travelling abroad

Alchohol breath test
Find out which countries have the harshest immigration policy for those who have a driving ban.  Read More…

Are £10,000 speeding fines fair?

Speedometer at zero
Ministers plan to give magistrates the power to impose huge fines for common driving offences. Do these proposals go too far?  Read More…

Motoring conviction codes

Speed camera
A comprehensive list of conviction codes for motoring offences within the UK.  Read More…

Would you park on a stranger's drive?

Car parked on drivway
What would you do if you came home to find someone else's car on your driveway?  Read More…

How to react to emergency vehicles on the road


If the emergency services need to get past your car to reach the scene of an accident, you need to be prepared to act quickly and sensibly, says Tim Barnes-Clay.

  Read More…

Would you pass a drug-driving test?

Assorted drugs
Police and ministers are tackling drug driving with new laws and limits for both legal and illegal drugs. Would you pass the test?  Read More…

Police powers to stop and search motorists

Parked UK police car
What powers do the police have to stop and search motorists? Motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller explains all.  Read More…

Your guide to car tax disc changes

Car tax disc
As of October 2014, the car tax disc no longer has to be displayed. Why? We explain all.  Read More…

Carless cities: Could our cities adapt to become carless in the next 20 years? Read our report

Car Insurance price index

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