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12% rise in UK car manufacturing

  •  24 Apr, 2014
A row of cars for sale

The number of cars manufactured in the UK last month was 12% higher than in the corresponding period of last year, according to official figures.

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Campaigners opposed to helmets for bikers & cyclists

Motorcyclists wearing helmets

Surprisingly, many motorbike riders and cycling groups are against mandatory helmets - but for quite different reasons. Chris Torney investigates.

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Costly childcare sees 23% of parents give up work

A family reading together

Some 23% of families in which both parents worked before children were born have had to give up a salary due to childcare costs. Will new tax breaks help?

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The best and worst Volkswagens

Volkswagen Golf MKII

Volkswagens combine famed German engineering prowess with some great looking machinery. But they're not all winners. We look at the best and worst VWs.

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Deadly threat of pancreatic cancer

  •  24 Apr, 2014
A man receiving a blood transfusion

Pancreatic cancer stands alone as an increasingly deadly threat to both men and women in Europe, a study has shown.

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Energy users fail to look for cheapest deals

  •  23 Apr, 2014
Energy bill

High energy bills are putting pressure on people's finances but half of users fail to shop around for the best deal, says industry regulator Ofgem.

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Savers unaware of new £15,000 ISA limit

  •  23 Apr, 2014
Egg with the words ISA written on it

Just under a quarter of people who have ISAs are unaware they will be able to save up to £15,000 tax-free from 1 July, new research reveals.

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19 emotions we all experienced when learning to drive

L Plate on car for learner driver

From feeling left out while your friends pass their tests to finally throwing off the 'L' plates yourself. Here are the emotions we all experienced when learning to drive.

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Consumer confidence 'hits new high'

  •  23 Apr, 2014
Shoppers out and about, spending money

Consumers' confidence in their financial situation is at its most positive level in over three years. Will we be splashing out more in months to come?

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Go-ahead for green energy projects

  •  23 Apr, 2014
A wind farm, producing renewable, green energy

Eight new renewable energy projects have been given government contracts in a move that will increase household bills by 2%, Energy Secretary Ed Davey has said.

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