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19 emotions we all experienced when learning to drive

L Plate on car for learner driver

From feeling left out while your friends pass their tests to finally throwing off the 'L' plates yourself. Here are the emotions we all experienced when learning to drive.

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Consumer confidence 'hits new high'

  •  23 Apr, 2014
Shoppers out and about, spending money

Consumers' confidence in their financial situation is at its most positive level in over three years. Will we be splashing out more in months to come?

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Go-ahead for green energy projects

  •  23 Apr, 2014
A wind farm, producing renewable, green energy

Eight new renewable energy projects have been given government contracts in a move that will increase household bills by 2%, Energy Secretary Ed Davey has said.

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Loft conversions 'add £37,400'

  •  22 Apr, 2014
A loft conversion in progress

Homeowners can increase the value of their property by £37,400 if they add a loft conversion, according to new figures.

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Energy switch 'to be twice as fast'

  •  22 Apr, 2014
Energy secretary Ed Davey

Energy firms have committed to halving the time it takes for customers to switch supplier by the end of the year, energy secretary Ed Davey said.

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Warning for retirees over delaying annuity purchase

Senior couple calculating budget

New pension rules means many people are delaying retirement decisions until 2015. But this could prove costly, industry watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority has warned.


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Close up of a blue flame on a gas cooker hob

No one wants to pay over the odds for their gas and electricity. Check our energy best-buy table to compare cheap gas and electricity suppliers.

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The five best Porsches of all time

Porsche Cayman

Picking the most impressive Porsches is no easy task thanks to the manufacturer's history of excellence. But Rob Griffin has identified his favourite five.

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9 more things that look like BRIAN

Another of BRIAN's lookalikes - some binoculars

Many humans are saying that things they see in everyday life look like me. Here are more of my lookalikes.

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Lego Builders competition winners

LEGO bricks

A showcase of our favourite Lego versions of BRIAN the Robot, as part of our Lego Builders competition.

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