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Current accounts - what you need to know

Almost everyone has a current account with a bank or building society for their day to day financial needs such as being paid your salary, paying your bills, buying food and getting the occasional pair of shoes. But not everyone realises there are several different kinds of current accounts. These are:
  • High Interest – For those who are never in their overdraft, they could earn a better interest rate on their current account cash
  • Overdraft – Better overdraft rates for those who need it, because sometimes life crams so much into one month that your outgoings end up bigger than your income
  • Packaged – Accounts with an annual fee but with added bonuses like discounted travel/mobile/car insurance etc.
  • Student – Accounts tailored for students that include special offers such interest/fee free overdrafts
Many banks and building societies are offering competitive deals for current accounts. could help you sort the wheat from the chaff –we’ll show you a range of current account offers for you and tailored to your requirements. 9 out of 10 customers would recommend us to a friend*, so why not get a current account quote with us today?

Why compare current accounts with

  • A free and independent comparison service
  • Compare different types of current accounts, whether it's high interest, basic, overdraft facilities or student accounts you're after
  • Whether you’re looking to change your bank account to take advantage of the different kinds available, or you need a new one to reflect a change in your life (getting a joint account, for example), could help not only with finding an account, but switching as well.
  • lists accounts from a variety of current account providers, including HSBC, First Direct, Santander, NatWest, RBS, and others

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This service is provided by financial services. We provide an independent service free of charge but will receive a commission from the brokers and creditors we refer you to.

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* Research conducted by Out of 523 respondents, 94.5% said they would recommend to a friend (November - January 2015).

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