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How do I sell my car through

It’s easy, just enter your car details into our form and we’ll show you estimated prices from a range of well-known brands. You’ll also be shown results for the ‘best value for money’ and ‘quickest sale’.

If you’re happy with your quote, you’ll then be taken through to the brand’s own website where you can finalise the sale.

What information do I need to sell my car?

You’ll need the number plate of the car you want to sell, as well as details of its history including previous owners, mileage and the condition of the car. You’ll also need your personal details to hand so that your chosen buyer can contact you.

At the point of sale, you will need your V5C registration document, you won’t be able to sell your car without this. If you don’t have one you can apply for a new one from Most buyers also require an MOT Certificate, and your service/handbook.

Am I guaranteed to get the offer I see online?

With most of our car buyers, the price you see online is dependent on the information that you give the buyer about your car. This price is as accurate as possible, but it’s not until your car’s inspected that they can guarantee the offer.

If the information entered on our site differs from what’s found on inspection, this could cause a difference in what you’re offered.

Are there any age or mileage restrictions for selling my car?

Most customers will be able to get offers on their car from the car buyers on our panel, regardless of its mileage.

If it has a higher mileage, you may only get a limited amount of offers.

However, generally speaking, the amount of offers you receive will depend on whether your car meets the needs of what the car buyer is looking for.

How fast can I sell my car?

It depends on the buyer that you choose. It could be as quick as one day. We’ll show you how long the sale will take when you get your offers from the buyers.

How do I arrange to sell my car with one of the car buyers?

To sell your car to one of our partners, simply use the ‘get this rate’ button. You’ll then be directed to their site to arrange the sale. Here you can provide any additional information they may need and arrange the sale of your car.

Is there a transaction fee?

Depending on which car buyer you decide to sell with, there may be a fee. This information will be displayed under ‘admin fee’ on the results page.

Some car buyers will charge an additional fee if you request a same-day payment. This will be displayed on their website when you look to arrange the sale of your car.

What if my car has scratches or mechanical problems?

You’ll still be able to get valuations if your car isn’t in perfect condition. Just be sure to fully read the descriptions when you’re asked for the condition of your car, and pick the most accurate one. The closer you get to the condition of the car, the more accurate the valuation will be.

Can I sell my car if it has outstanding finance?

You’ll have to contact your lender to see if it’s possible to get out of your contract early by paying an early settlement fee, which will need to be paid off before the car is sold. Some of the brands we work with will accept a settlement fee from your lender and take it off the value of your car and settle your debt.

Remember, it’s illegal to sell your car with outstanding finance if you don’t let your lender know.

Will my car be collected?

Some of our buyers will collect your car, others will require you to take the car to a drop off point. You can see this information when you get your offers from the buyers.

Can I sell a car with a private licence plate?

It depends on the buyer, so be sure to check when you get your prices. If you want to keep your private licence plate, you’ll have to contact the DVLA and fill in the relative forms to transfer your plate.

If you don’t have a car that you can transfer the plate on to, you’ll have to transfer it to a retention certificate. You’ll then get a document to prove you still have the right to use that number plate.

My car is a write off, can I still sell it?

Yes, as long as you state that your car is a write off in the quote process, some buyers on our panel will still make an offer on your car.

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