What's the cost of winter?

Colder weather pulls on our purse strings. So it's worrying that 1 in 10 people are confused about how to heat their homes efficiently. Our research shows that households spend an extra £36 on energy for every degree colder the temperature drops over the wintry months.


Use the slider to see how the average outside temperature could affect your energy costs.

At this temperature you could spend


more than in the warmer months

Radiator Window Sofa
                      0°C 5°C 10°C
Snow Snow

This winter will cost you £448 more than summer

That's because experts predict that the average temperature this winter will be 6.8°C. As a result, we'll spend more on things like energy, clothing and bedding. See the difference in how much more you might spend this winter compared to summer.

  • Gas £220 Gas
  • Electricity £101 Electricity
  • Clothing £93 Clothing
  • Solid and liquid £17 Solid & liquid
  • Bedding, curtains and textiles £17 Bedding, curtains & textiles

Top low-cost ways to stay warm

We know winter is coming. We can't escape it, click our tips below to reveal the ways we can use our heating more efficiently to save money and keep warm.

  • Thermostat icon

    Turning your thermostat down 1 degree could reduce costs by up to £80.

    Tip 1
  • Sleeping icon

    Adapt you heating for your personal use. See our guide for help.

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  • Smart thermostat icon

    Smart thermostats make it easier to use your heating only when you need it.

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Find out how to heat your home efficiently

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