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09 May 2018
Adam Bate

Wedding name change checklist


You've said "I do", but don't forget to update these if you decide to change your name after tying the knot.


Wedding name change checklist

Top Priority!

Driving Licence 

Fill in form D1 with the DVLA 

Car insurance policy details 


You can still use your old passport until it expires. Just make sure you use the same name on any travel documents. 

Car registration 

This is the V5C logbook. You must also include a note stating that you've changed your name. 

HM Revenue and Customs 

This needs to be updated through the online Government Gateway

Electoral Roll

Your employer 


Local council (council tax)

Water supplier

Gas supplier 

Electricity supplier 

TV licence 

Home phone/internet provider

Mobile phone provider 




Shop loyalty accounts 

Finance and other insurance 

Bank/building society 

Credit card companies 

Car finance provider

Personal loan provider 

Mortgage provider 

Home insurance

Life insurance 

Breakdown cover 



Online shopping accounts 

Especially accounts that deliver items to you eg. Amazon, eBay, Etsy

Email address

If you use your real name as part of your email 

Social media profiles

Because it's not official until it's Facebook official! 


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