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Wedding name change checklist

You've said your vows, you've had the party and now you need to organise the admin tasks that come with getting married.

This checklist for changing your name after marriage should help you remember what important documents need to be updated.

From car insurance policy documents to making the marriage Facebook official, here's what you need to do when changing your name after marriage.

Changing name after marriage checklist

Top priority name changes after marriage

  • Driving licence -  Fill in form D1 with the DVLA.

  • Car insurance policy details - Contact your insurer and ask them to update the name on your insurance certificate.

  • Passport - You can still use your old passport until it expires. Just make sure you use the same name on any travel documents.

  • Car registration - This is the V5C logbook. You must also include a note stating that you've changed your name. 

  • HM Revenue and Customs - This needs to be updated through the online Government Gateway.

  • Electoral roll - You can change your details on the GOV.UK register to vote page.

  • Your employer - Check with your HR department to understand the process of updating your name. 

The utilities you need to change your name for after marriage

  • Local council (council tax) - Find your local council to access their services.

  • Water supplier - Contact your water supplier's customer service team to update your details. If you don't know who supplies your water, check Water UK.

  • Gas and electricity suppliers - Depending on who provides your energy, you might be able to do this online.

  • TV licence - You can update your details on the TV licensing website.

  • Home phone/broadband provider - Get in touch with your supplier and ask them to update your details.

  • Mobile phone company - Check with the company on how best to do this. Some suppliers might insist you request the name change in writing.

Finance and insurance name changes

When changing your name with these providers, check your online account first to see if you're able to amend your details there. If not, contact the company's customer service department and request a name change.

Changing your name with online and local amenities

  • Doctor - Most GPs should be able to change your name at your local surgery. Either give them a call or go to the reception.

  • Dentist - As with the GP, you should be able to update your details by speaking to the receptionist.

  • Shop loyalty accounts  - Most shop loyalty accounts that require your name have an online account you can access.

  • Online shopping accounts - Especially accounts that deliver items to you. For example, Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

  • Email address - If you use your real name as part of your email.

  • Social media profiles - This can sometimes be easy to forget. But social media profiles can also be changed to include your married name. Some social networks allow you to also include your previous name so old friends can still find you.

How do I change my name on insurance policies after marriage?

If you change your name after marriage, tell your insurers as soon as possible. You’re supposed to tell them of any changes in your circumstances and that includes name changes.

Some might let you make the change online. But if you’re not sure, just call them and ask.

If you make a claim but failed to update your name with your insurer, it might not be a serious issue. This is as long as you weren’t intending to deceive your insurer. Although, it could make it slightly more difficult in terms of admin.

But there’s no reason not to tell your insurers as soon as you can, just for the avoidance of any doubt.

For more information, read our guide on how to change your car insurance policy.

Can I still use my previous name after I get married?

Yes, you can still use your previous name, even if you legally change it after you get married.

In some circumstances, you can use your married name and your original name in different contexts. For example, you could use your married name socially but keep your original name for legal documents.

If you don't want to take your partner's surname, there are a few options available:

  • Keep your name as it is

  • Use a double-barrel surname

  • Create a new name that's a hybrid of your and your partner's surname

  • Create an entirely new surname for your new family

Is there a deadline for changing my name after marriage?

No, if you do decide to change your name, you can do it whenever you want.

So if you want to think about it first, you can take as long as you like.

How much does it cost to change my name after marriage?

As you don't need to go through a legal process to change your name after marriage, it doesn't cost anything.

But if you need proof of the change through an 'enrolled' deed poll, you may face additional charges. Applying to the Royal Courts of Justice to get an ‘enrolled’ deed poll costs £42.44.

The only government body to charge for reissuing documents under a new name is the passport office. You may be charged a complete renewal fee.

If you apply for a new passport online, it costs £75.50. If you choose to complete a physical form, it costs £85.

An insurer may charge an admin fee for a name change, but not all of them do. If you’re approaching renewal time, ask your insurer to do it so it’s part of your new policy rather than a mid-term amendment.

How do I change my name on my house deeds after marriage in the UK?

To update your name on the Land Registry, you need to:

  • Check whether your name is correct on the Land Registry. This costs £3.

  • Download and fill in an AP1 form.

  • Include a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

  • Send the forms by post to HM Land Registry Citizen Centre, PO Box 74, Gloucester, CL14 9BB.

Many banks and mortgage lenders check your name against the Land Registry when offering services. If the name you've given them doesn't match what's on the register, they might not be able to offer you their services.

How do I change my name on my house deeds if I married abroad?

The steps to update your name are largely the same as if you got married in the UK.

The only difference is if your marriage certificate isn't in English. If this is the case, you need to get it signed, stamped and dated by a qualified translation service.

For more information, visit the Land Registry's page.