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Road rage on the school run

  •  28 Mar, 2013
Walking Bus

More than two-thirds (67 per cent) of Brits admit to feeling angry with other motorists whilst driving their kids to school.More than a quarter of adults (26 per cent) have witnessed or been in an argument with another parent over a parking space outside the school gates

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Why four years, four months is the ideal age gap

  •  12 Mar, 2013
relationships life insurance

Four years and four months is the ideal age difference for a relationship – as long as the man is older than the woman, according to new research by life insurance experts.

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  •  02 Apr, 2013
Mastercard and Visa credit cards is set to unveil a new promotion with leading children's charity the NSPCC...

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Driving under the influenza

  •  28 Feb, 2014
Driving under the influenza

The common cold could be a car accident waiting to happen, as new research released today from reveals that nearly one in in seven (13%) motorists who have taken cold or flu medication has suffered side effects behind the wheel as a result.

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British motorists living life in the ‘fast lane’

  •  15 Mar, 2013
Audi TT

Speeding Brits are treating our roads like race tracks, with drivers hitting speeds of up to 161mph last year, according to new research from

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Liar, liar - Britons' pants are on fire

Liar liar

The average Brit admits to lying more than 10 times a week

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Things that go bump in the night causing Brits a fright

Abandoned house

Nearly a third (31%) of Brits say they have lived in a property they thought was haunted.

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Smokers puff potential life insurance savings away

  •  15 Oct, 2014
No Smoking

With Stoptober now over halfway through, can reveal that nearly three quarters (72%) of smokers have tried to give up smoking – yet only two-thirds (38%) have successfully quit the habit.

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Local Leicester man wins £10,000!

  •  08 Oct, 2014
Ben Gregory

A Leicester man is £10,000 richer thanks to, after being announced as a weekly winner in the leading price comparisons site’s ‘£Million Mega Draw’.

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Brits dicing with death 12 times a week

  •  03 Oct, 2014
Man slipping over water

Brits are dicing with death up to 12 times on average per week, just whilst carrying out their daily routines, according to new research from

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