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Is Britain on the Road to Ruin?

  •  14 Feb, 2013
Animated roads and question mark sign

Brits call for road signs to be amended as nearly half of us (46%) find them distracting while driving.

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Car insurance prices rise by more than 12% year-on-year

  •  13 Oct, 2011
Price index

Drivers have been lumbered with an average year-on-year rise of 12.3% in the cost of comprehensive motor insurance cover: this equates to a £92 jump in just 12 months...

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Married females quids in on their car insurance premiums in Q4 2012...

  •  16 Jan, 2013
mage of a car with the words motoring and your money written

Married females were quids in on their car insurance premiums, paying £435 less than women who insured only themselves, the Watson Car Insurance Price Index shows.  Read More…

Car insurance prices plummet by 13.6% for drivers under 20, in Watson Q3 index

  •  03 Nov, 2012
Image of a car with the words motoring and your money written on

Insurers sweeten their offer to female drivers before gender ruling hits.

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Counting the cost of motoring convictions

  •  27 Feb, 2013
A yellow speed camera as seen in the UK reveals the top ten motoring convictions that could cost UK drivers hundreds of pounds each year

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Great Britain is a nation refusing to grow up - ‘Peter Pan generation’ still living at home

  •  05 Oct, 2012
Mature parents and adult children

Brits begin to count the cost of carpe diem lifestyle as nearly half (49%) of lost boys and girls live in debt topping £9,000.

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Struggling to keep up with the confusing Kardashians? You're not alone...

  •  10 May, 2013
The Kardashians

What makes you New research from the leading price comparison website reveals the top 10 things that the British public are most confused by.

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Barking mad fans can meet Britain’s Got Talent winners at ‘pet-tacular’

  •  14 Jun, 2013
A collection of animals is offering lucky members of the public the chance to meet Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey at The Pet Show 2013.

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Nearly half of Brits would name and shame a drink driver

  •  23 Dec, 2013
Press release

Nearly half of Brits (47%) would contact the police if they thought that someone that they knew was planning to drink and drive, according to new research from released as Christmas party season peaks this weekend.

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One in five Brits admit to drug-driving

  •  02 Aug, 2013
drug driving

New research released today by reveals that one in five Brits (19%) admit to having driven under the influence of drugs.

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