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E.on follows suit with gas and electricity price hike

5 Aug, 2011

  • Eon announces a price rise of 11.4% for electricity, 18.1% for gas effective 13th September
  • Increase means £170 will be added onto the cost of the average bill affecting 4.4m customers*

Hot on the heels of Scottish Power, British Gas and Scottish & Southern Energy, Eon are next of the Big 6 to reveal their price increase.  More than 20m** homes have now been hit with £176*** added to their bills.

Smaller suppliers Co-operative Energy, EBICo, and Good Energy have also announced rises within the past week although Good Energy bucked the trend by committing to freezing their electricity prices until at least 2012****, while their gas prices are increasing 9.4%.

Lisa Greenfield, energy analyst at says, “It’s interesting that a ‘green’ supplier is able to hold their electricity prices on the back of their investments in renewable energy, and it just goes to show that less reliance on wholesale market activities means consumers are protected.  The Big 6 energy suppliers should take note because the ability to fix electricity prices is extremely attractive to consumers in today’s climate.  Even if there is a small premium associated with going green, this might not always be the case.  If you’re worried about the cost of your energy, opting to pay by direct debit, and managing your account online is the cheapest option.

*Confirmed by Eon in their price rise announcement 5th August 2011
** Scottish Power 2.5m, British Gas 9m, SSE estimated at 5.3m, Eon 4.4m
*** Average of the price increases announced by the British Gas, Eon, Scottish Power and SSE
**** Stated by Good Energy in their price rise announcement 3rd August 2011

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