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Parking fine?

Brits call for tougher penalties for bad car parking behaviour

Posted on 10 Jan 2014

  • 84% of Brits are angered by bad parking
  • 41% of drivers admit that they aren’t good at parking
  • More than one in 10 motorists (11%) admit to having blocked another vehicle in when parking their car
  • 40% of drivers say selfish parkers should face fines
  • 12% of motorists would support towing as a more drastic action to combat bad parking

Nothing quite gets motorists outraged like a spot of bad parking and new research released today by reveals that 84% of Brits are angered by bad parking.

According to the findings from the leading price comparison site,, 60% of people admitted to parking badly, with people aged 25-34 being the worst offenders (66%).

Surprisingly, nearly half of UK motorists (41%) openly say that they aren’t good parkers, with many of them saying their parking is hit and miss. The parking manoeuvres that seem to drive fear into many motorists is parking in a tight space and parallel parking with nearly a third (31%) of drivers saying they try and avoid this motoring move.

When it comes to good parking etiquette, this seems to be lost on many motorists, with a large proportion of drivers admitting to being guilty of parking without consideration to other road users at some point. The research revealed that more than a quarter (26%) of drivers have parked on double yellow lines, as well as nearly a fifth of motorists (19%) claiming that they have parked over two car park spaces. And even more shocking more than one in ten (11%) admitted to having blocked another vehicle in to ensure they got themselves a space.

The top reasons given for why drivers have such little consideration when parking include:

  • Because I was in a rush – 48%
  • I couldn’t find a parking space – 29%
  • There weren’t any other cars around so didn’t think it would be a problem – 22%
  • Town was busy so just had to leave the car anywhere – 19%

In fact, nearly one in ten drivers (8%) feel it’s acceptable to park illegally or inconsiderately when they need to pick up an important purchase or when they need to pick up their groceries (7%).  And with the January sales well underway many Brits may be desperate to get their hands on their “important purchase.”

Even though many motorists admit to these parking indiscretions, we Brits appear to be very intolerant of those who park badly or selfishly. Nearly half of drivers (40%) say selfish parkers should face fines, while 20% believe that those who park across two bays should have to pay double the standard charge.

As well as being fined, nearly one in six motorists (16%) believe inconsiderate parkers should be given a warning by the car park, or be named and shamed by that car park (4%).
However, more than one in ten (12%) motorists favour drastic action – including towing to try and combat these bad parkers’ widespread inability to park accurately and considerately.

Gemma Stanbury, Head of Car Insurance at says: “The research highlights that there are a staggering amount of motorists who are angered and frustrated by bad parking. To combat these parking indiscretions many motorists feel action should be taken in the form of fines, or even more drastically having a badly parked car towed.

“The reason behind such bad parking seems to be that some drivers on our roads today may struggle with parking their car, or are too rushed to take the time to think of other drivers around them. However, we urge motorists to exercise good car parking etiquette and think of other motorists.

“Many drivers prioritise convenience over consideration when parking. However, bad parking – such as blocking another car in or parking in a really tight space – could result in some damage to the car. In this case, motorists could end up counting the cost later. Drivers claiming on insurance for damage to their vehicle may see their premiums go up. This situation can easily be avoided with a little parking etiquette."

Notes to Editors:
All figures taken from omnibus research carried out by One Poll Research on behalf of An online poll of 2,000 nationally representative sample of UK drivers, aged 18+. Conducted in December 2013.

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