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What does your star sign say about you? unveils how your star sign dictates your driving personality.

Posted on 29 Jan 2013

  • Pisceans most likely to be caught speeding – car of choice is the sporty BMW 1 series
  • Leos are the most accident prone, with 13% of those with this star sign making a claim
  • Sagittarians claim the highest amount for accidents with an average  claim of £2,4642 – paying  £759 more than Leos

Are your driving habits written in the stars? According to new research by your star sign can say a lot about your driving personality, as well as your choice of car.

People with the water sign, Pisces, are on average more likely to be seen driving the flashy BMW 1 series – which perhaps helps to explain why they are the star sign most likely to be caught speeding. Despite this star sign being a speed demon, Pisceans surprisingly enjoy one of the lowest car insurance premiums (£492.86) according to data.

By contrast, Capricorns who have a practical and prudent nature on average are most likely to be seen driving a Toyota Avensis. This type of car is known for its solid build quality, excellent reliability, smooth ride quality and good refinement, but very little in the way of excitement,  could this be said the same for Capricorns?

However not all signs take such a sensible approach to driving, with tempestuous Leos the most accident prone of the zodiacs, with 13% of this star sign making an accident claim. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to learn that on average Leos love nothing more than to nip around in Mini Cooper to showcase their more flamboyant personality.

Following the trend set by these Leos, Sagittarians have on average the highest cost of accident claim rates of £2,4642, which is reflected in their full-on, outgoing, enthusiastic  personality which tends to lead them to overstep their boundaries as a result.

Other star signs with a sense of adventure include Scorpions, whose strong and determined personality is reflected in their choice of a sturdy off-roader in the form of a Nissan Terrano II. This adventurous side can also be seen in the characteristics of the eccentric and unconventional Aquarian, whose average car type of choice is not your standard everyday car, but a sturdy off-road  4 x 4.

This clearly contrasts with the modest and practical Virgo who on average favours the award winning3, efficient, sensible and practical Ford Focus. A less level-headed star sign group of people are the Taureans who on average favour the petrol-heads stereotypical car – the Subaru Impreza. These Taurean drivers are the most costly when it comes to single vehicle accident claims, claiming on average £2,280 per incident. These claims could be anything from mounting a curb to reversing into a lamp post, so watch out for those Taureans.

Geminis, described as curious, thirsty for knowledge and mischievous are more likely to be seen in a Honda Civic than any other star sign – a sporty, good looking and well performing car that allows Geminis to explore and adventure in style.

Motorists who fall under the Cancer star sign are on average more likely to drive the economically friendly Fiat Punto to complement their caring and sensitive side. This is reinforced through their shrewd and cautious approach to driving, resulting in their average cost of accident claim rates being the lowest of all the star signs at just £1,689.

The characteristics of the Libran star signs is one of a cheerful disposition. They are independent and fun loving people with a straightforward outlook of on life with no hidden agenda. This is reflected in their average car of choice – the reliable, simplistic, well-known and loved Peugeot 207.

Another fire sign is Aries, whose car of choice is likely to be on average the Volvo S60. Renowned for being strong and reliable, Volvos are the perfect choice for this responsible and pioneering star sign.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at said: “A person’s choice of car has always been a topic for discussion, and many people make judgements about the cars others choose to drive.”

“It’s interesting to know that the star sign you were born under can be a trigger to your choices. However on a serious note, whatever car you choose, road safety is essential even if your star sign traits are one of a speedy, spontaneous nature this doesn’t mean these have to be reflected in your driving habits. Having a speeding conviction can increase your car insurance premium and also result in fines being incurred from as little as £60 up to £2,500 for a motorway conviction”

“An example of the impact of a speeding conviction on the price of a car insurance premium can be seen with a male driver aged 42 who has an SP30 speeding conviction and fine of £60 plus 3 points. This driving conviction added 8%4 onto the driver’s premium although obviously this is a guide only as insurers look at many different factors when assessing risk.”

“Also it is important to remember when looking to purchase a new car, that your choice of vehicle can dramatically affect your car insurance premiums. Our advice is simple, make sure before you buy your new car that you look at every factor that could affect the cost of your insurance. We also urge motorists to ensure they are covered adequately for their car insurance and to shop around for the best price.” 


Notes to editors:

1 All statistical data is taken from internal data - motor quote customers Jan 2012 to Dec 2012 (inclusive), for car models with 100+ customers quoting. Cheapest quote values from £100 to £10,000 inclusive, taking only one average.
2 Accident claims figures include accident claims which has involved more than one car unless stated otherwise
3 Ford Focus winner of Honest Johns Car of the Year Awards 2012
4 Quote for 42 year old male, one speeding conviction

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