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The first television advert was developed in 2006. Since then's advertising team has worked on a number of projects to keep the brand at the front of your minds.


BRIAN rebooted

BRIAN the robot is rebooted and ready to rock!

The Herberts meet toy BRIAN

In this short documentary, the Herberts meet our beloved quoter bot BRIAN's miniature self. To get hold of your own BRIAN the Robot toy by buying car or home insurance through Terms and conditions apply.

BRIAN the Robot meets himself - in toy form! 

Our beloved quoter bot BRIAN meets himself! Kind of. In this short documentary, he meets a ‘micro-me’ – a pull-and-go BRIAN toy. And, in case you’re wondering, you could get a BRIAN toy too, by buying car or home insurance through Terms and conditions apply.

Will the Herberts save BRIAN? 

Is it the end of the road for our beloved quoter bot BRIAN? Or can the Herberts save him? 


BRIAN the Robot gets captured - #HelpBRIAN

Our beloved quoter bot BRIAN the Robot has been captured! But you can help him here.

2014 - £Million Mega Draw - Tom Baker

The launch of the £Million Mega Draw see's Tom Baker voicing the TV & Radio adverts to raise awareness of the promotion. 

The advert see's BRIAN carrying the cheque around a town, encountering people and objects along the way while en-route to deliver the cheque to one lucky winner. 

2013 - BRIAN the robot
He's the fastest insurance comparison robot in the world!

BRIAN the robot waving

Meet BRIAN the robot. He's on a mission to save the British public as many pounds as possible.

After being built by the experts at HQ, BRIAN’s now out in the real world. He's an expert at all things insurance, but the rest of the world is still to be discovered by our inquisitive - sometimes awkward - little robot.

Watch BRIAN's TV adverts below or find out more about BRIAN.

View more from BRIAN here.

2010 - Cara

Cara first aired on 7 November 2010, during an XFactor ad break where she was joined by a backing choir of animated customers. She's been the face of since then and lately has been joined by her friends Alan and Bertha. Cara is now enjoying a well-earned retirement.

2010 - Regret

In this campaign, consumers were confronted with luxury items they could have afforded if they had bought insurance at A couple watch a pair of jeans parade before their bed, a railway station announcer is distracted by a guitar playing by itself, and a woman who wanted tennis lessons is chased by a ball. Watch the jeans advert here.

2009 - Confucious introduced a character named after the Chinese philosopher Confucius, to act as a brand mascot. Confucius guided customers as they searched for cheaper insurance on the website and offered philosophical insights into saving money with Watch a Confucius ad here.

2008 - Testimonials

The testimonial-style adverts features real customers who agreed to give their opinions on our service. The testimonial series showcases customers’ experiences of the revamped website, and highlights new features of the site such as the brands available and the savings on offer. Watch a testimonial ad here.

2007 - Cardboard cutouts’s first series of adverts launched with actors explaining how can save you money. Which - of course - featured those infamous cardboard cutouts.

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