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Tools & calculators

Looking for the best mortgage rate or a name for your car? We've got tools and calculators to help!

Mobile internet data usage calculator

Mobile internet data graphic

From 100MB to 5GB, find out just how far your mobile internet data package will get you.

My Neighbourhood

Family together

Check local house price and insurance information as well as ratings and details for primary schools in England and Wales.

Car insurance price calculator

Price index calculator

Want to know what the average price for car insurance is for your age, sex and area? Try our car insurance price calculator.

Contents calculator home insurance calculator

Use our handy contents calculator to estimate the value of your contents, and make sure you have the right level of cover.

Mortgage calculator

Sold sign

If you've got a mortgage in mind and want to know how much you'll be paying back each month, try our mortgage calculator tool

Budget calculator tool

Budget calculator

If you’re wondering how much you spend each month on those little bits and bobs, then try our handy budget calculator tool.

Life insurance calculator

Life insurance calculator

Deciding how much life insurance you need can be confusing, so we've created this handy life insurance calculator tool to help you decide how much cover you need.

Credit card calculator

Cara holding a credit card

Our credit card calculator can help you see how much you could be saving with a new card, based on what the introductory rate is and how long it lasts.

Savings calculator

Savings calculator

Need to work out how much you need to save in order to fund your next family holiday or buy a car? Try our easy saving calculator

Repayment calculator

Credit card calculator

Our handy credit card repayment calculator works out how much time and money you can save by paying just a few pounds more than the minimum repayment.

Loan calculator

Loan calculator

Use our personal loan calculator to help figure out how much money you want to borrow and how much you might have to pay back. MotorMate

MotorMate by

What's your driving style? Test your driving with our free driving app and you could get discounts on your car insurance.

Alcohol unit calculator

alcoholic drinks

Work out how many units your drinks contain with our alcohol units calculator. HelpMeMove


HelpMeMove is an interactive online checklist for moving home that helps you get organised and counts down the days until moving day.

Baby name generator

New born baby asleep

Need ideas and inspiration for your baby name? Use our handy baby name generator tool to help you find a perfect name for your new born.

Pet name generator

Pet name generator

Get a birth petificate with your pet's name on. Not named your cat or dog? Not to worry, our pet name generator is here to help you out.

Royal baby name generator

Life insurance paperwork with calculator

Use our royal baby name generator to find a perfect name for your little prince or princess.

Real age calculator

Real age calculator

Do you have Peter Pan Syndrome, or are you a 'proper grown up'? Our real age calculator can tell you how far removed your mental age is from your shoe size.

Car name generator

Car name generator

Get a birth certificate with your car's name. Not named your car? Our car name generator can help you out.

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