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The cost of 221B Baker Street

The cost of 221B Baker Street infographic

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The cost of 221B Baker Street

How living like Sherlock could cost you a pretty penny

Being the world's only consulting detective is not without its perks, and Sherlock Holmes manages to live a pretty swish lifestyle. How much would it cost to turn your flat into 221B Baker Street, and what could it cost to insure?


Sherlock Holmes

  • Wool coat - £1350
  • Scarf - £113
  • Shirt - £460
  • Watch - £97
  • Suit - £495
  • Gloves - £175
  • Shoes - £500

Total - £3190

John Watson

  • Jumper - £105
  • Watch - £3000
  • Parka - £672
  • Jeans - £35
  • Shoes - £175

Total - £3987

Sherlock and John's combined wardrobe for series 1 and 2 = £9,622

221B Baker Street

High value items in 221B Baker Street

Even a mind as brilliant as Sherlock's needs some expensive gadgetry to help him crack the case - £16,000 worth, to be precise.

  • Living room furniture - £3,050
  • Violins - £2,650
  • Sleuthing equipment (microscope, magnifier, Sig Sauer pistol) - £1,433
  • Phones - £760
  • Laptops - £3,050
  • Bang & Olufsen sound system and speakers - £6,005

The total contents of 221B Baker Street are worth £36,323

Insuring 221B Baker Street

Sherlock doesn't have great home security since Moriarty easily broke into his flat, so he should really get some home insurance on his stuff.

Sherlock Holmes's annual home insurance breakdown:

  • Rented flat for business use
  • Smoker
  • No pets
  • £16,000 worth of high value, high risk items

Total yearly premium for Sherlock= £558.38

£241.76 higher than the 2012 average for NW1 London


This doesn't take into account some of the possible insurance claims that Sherlock and friends have had to make over the past few years. These claims have increased Sherlock's premium by 15%.



Case file: Bullet holes in living room wall - "The Great Game"

Claimant: Sherlock Holmes

Description of incident: Six bullets were fired into the living room wall, largely concentrated around a spray painted smiley face. Wallpaper had to be replaced.

Cause of incident: Boredom

Other comments: "The wall had it coming" - Sherlock Holmes


No: 002

Case file: Broken windows - "The Great Game"

Claimant: Mrs. Hudson

Description of incident: Two broken living room windows, which seem to have been broken from the outside. Window glass needed to be replaced, curtains were singed and a music stand was broken.

Cause of incident: Gas leak. Apparently.


No: 003

Case file: Break in at 221B - "The Reichenbach Fall"

Claimant: John Watson

Description of incident: James Moriarty broke into 221B Baker Street and filmed the crime on his phone. Later, actor Richard Brooks (thought to be Moriarty) was seen wearing John Watson's red cardigan.

Cause of incident: Breaking and entering/theft.


Total cost of living like Sherlock Holmes - £40,000

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