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Life insurance providers

Looking for a life insurance policy that gives you peace of mind? With you can find the right cover for your needs. We search many providers to find the best life insurance deals. Here’s a bit more about each provider:

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Pru Protect

Pru Protect

  • Guaranteed insurability option (subject to certain criteria and terms & conditions)
  • Terminal Illness cover
  • Critical Illness cover for children (where life and critical illness is selected)

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Jargon buster


This is a collection of all your assets, so your house, car, savings & investments etc.


A legally acknowledged arrangement to pass on your assets when you die.


How long the policy lasts for, i.e. 5-40 years.

Critical illness cover

A policy that can provide you with a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a defined critical illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attack.