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Can I get car insurance as a convicted driver?

Rear view of a speed cameraIf you’ve committed a driving offence and been convicted, it could potentially add hundreds of pounds to the price of your car insurance. This will vary depending on the offence. But, depending on the type of driving conviction, you could still get a competitive quote.

What is a driving conviction?

A driving conviction is issued by the police when you're caught breaking a motoring law – whether that's for speeding, or something more serious.  They typically convert into points on your licence, where they stay for at least 4 years. Insurance companies take them into account for up to 5 years.

The most typical ways to pick up a driving conviction are by either:

  • Being caught breaking a motoring law by a police officer
  • Being caught by a mobile or static speeding camera
  • Being involved in an accident (i.e. by dangerous driving, drink driving etc.)

Having one of these convictions on your licence doesn't necessarily mean you can't get car insurance. It just means you need to compare what's out there to make sure you're getting a deal that meets your needs and isn't too heavy on your bank balance.

What's the most common type of driving conviction?

There are dozens and dozens of different conviction types, all differing in severity and the amount of points you could get.

Some convictions will make it more challenging to get insurance, such as an IN10: driving without insurance. But that doesn't mean there aren't still companies out there who could offer you a quote.

Between 10 December 2013 and 10 January 2014, the most common convictions customers declared were:

  • SP30 - Speeding on a public road
  • CU80 - Using a hand-held device while driving (typically mobile phones)
  • IN10 - Driving without insurance
  • SP50 - Speeding on a motorway
  • TS10 - Failing to comply with traffic light signals

See the complete list of motoring conviction codes.

How much will a driving offence cost affect my car insurance?

A policeman in uniformEach conviction will affect your premium differently depending on what it is, your circumstances and the insurance company you're getting a quote with.

To find out how much your prices could be affected, read our article about the top 10 motoring convictions (correct as at 7 March 2013).

Car insurance could be harder to come by and could be more expensive if you've previously been convicted of a driving offence. However, convicted drivers could still find great prices with

What if the motoring conviction is alcohol-related?

Read our guide to drink-driver car insurance.

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