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Why travel to Asia?

A continent that spans the range of all that’s possible – from the ultra-modern of Japanese electronics to the back-breaking hardship of Afghanistan farm life, from democracy to communism, from the highest peak on the planet to paddy fields filled with rice. No other continent is as rich and diverse as Asia.
  • If Asia’s population of 4 billion stood side by side it would go around the equator more than 100 times
  • With 48 countries to visit, Asia is perfect for backpacking, adventure and relaxation

Why do I need Asia travel insurance?

  • Medical treatment - Consider getting medical cover in case you get ill or injured in Asia
  • Cancellation costs - You could avoid extra expenses if you're too ill to travel or if your flight is delayed 
  • Extras - Consider getting additional cover if you're backpacking, going on a cruise or if you're planning on doing any specific activities 

Get covered for:

  • Medical cover is highly recommended as hospital treatment can be basic yet expensive in certain parts of Asia 
  • Baggage – Should you need to make a claim for lost baggage, find out what you need to do with our guide to claiming travel insurance
  • Adventure activities – Consider additional cover or simply check your policy details if any activities you want to do on your trip are covered

Asia: Checklist

  • Vaccinations - It's best to contact your GP in advance to check if you’re up to date with your jabs and if you require any specific vaccinations for the area you're travelling to. The Typhoid vaccine is strongly recommended for Asia and is available in both pill and shot form.
  • Money - Consider taking a combination of both cash and travel cheques on your trip to Asia. Travel credit cards are a safer way to carry your money but don’t forget to let your bank know that you’re going away in case they put a block on your card when you try to use it.

Asia: Did you know?

  • The food of Asia is world famous – curries from India and Thailand, sushi from Japan and of course, the takeaway favourite, the Chinese
  • Asia has a long and fascinating history that will inspire and enthral you, with a wide variety of cultures and religions
  • There are many organised tours of Asian countries which could be worth considering to help you see the best bits safely
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