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Every pet needs a name

I love kitties! And I love doggies!

From bizarre names like Boo Boo and Popcorn to more traditional names like Sam and Toby, every pet needs a name. If our recent research is anything to go by, when it comes to naming a new puppy or kitten it seems traditional names still win out. The survey has identified the most popular cat and dog names as Alfie for male dogs, Bella for female dogs, Charlie for male cats and Millie for female cats

If you've not given your new cat or dog a name yet, don't worry, we're at hand. By using our exclusive pet name generator you can pick a perfect name for your new furry friend. Simply answer a few questions about your pet such as their age, personality and look and the generator will pick the perfect name. To make it official you can even print out their very own birth petificate.

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