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What's your driving style? Test your driving with our free driving app & you could get discounts on your car insurance.

  • Discounts! Drive 200 recorded miles with MotorMate by; then buy a car insurance policy with us and you'll be eligible for a discount on your car insuranceFind out more about discounts.

  • Fun! Find out how good a driver you really are. MotorMate by gives you a score for your driving. Find out more about scores.

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Motormate by Motormate by

Under the bonnet - how does MotorMate work?

  • Using your phone's inbuilt GPS, the app runs in the background as you drive, recording the details of your trip.

  • It gives you a breakdown of each trip based on how you drive.

  • If you find yourself driving different cars, that's not a problem, MotorMate can track your journeys regardless of which car you're driving.

  • We want you to get the best out of MotorMate by So here are our tips for enhancing your experience.

Your trip details

The trip details screen of the app gives you feedback on your journeys as they happen, as well as highlighting any trip events in each category. You can view the map of the entire trip by clicking anywhere in the medal box. Plus you can click through to view where each individual trip event has occurred on the map.

MotorMate by

Your trip event map

The trip event map lets you see where you experienced incidents during the trip, which have impacted on your score. Reducing or eliminating the trip events will help you improve your driving ability.

MotorMate by

Your profile

The profile screen is the driving app's homepage. Here you can see how far you've got to go before hitting 200 miles, when you can access discounts on your car insurance.

And you can record a trip using the steering wheel at the bottom. Then you can start getting medals and feedback on your driving.

MotorMate by

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Motormate by Motormate by

MotorMate by is available as an Android app via Google Play, or as an iPhone app via the App Store.


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