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Citroën car insurance

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  • Citroën built the first car to drive around Australia
  • André Citroën started making Automobiles after World War 1, when his armaments were no longer needed

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Citroen insurance

Citroën’s range of vehicles can fall into all kinds of categories, from hatchbacks to saloons, which insurers will rate on differently. Your insurance premium will be calculated based on several contributing characteristics of the vehicle, including value, engine size, power, security and safety features.

To help you understand how insurance premiums are calculated for the models in Citroën’s current range, we’ve put together some of their key statistics that will contribute to insurance and running price.

  • Insurance groups are allocated to most vehicles on UK roads by the ABI (Association of British Insurers), based on many factors including those above
  • These can be a good indicator of the insurance premium you can expect to get, with higher insurance groups generally meaning higher premiums
  • Insurers also use a lot of information about you and your driving history to calculate premiums, so the best way to anticipate insurance costs is to run a quote – it only takes a few minutes for to compare dozens of providers and get our best quotes direct to you


Engine range (litres)

Typical insurance group

Tax bracket range







3E - 4E

A - B


1.0 - 1.6

8E - 21E

A - F


1.2 - 1.6

9E - 23E

A - F

DS3 Cabrio

1.2 - 1.6

10E - 23E

C - G



4E - 10E

C - G

C3 Picasso

1.4 - 1.6

10E - 15E

B - G


1.4 - 2.0

12E - 23E

A - F


1.6 - 2.0

14E - 24E

C - I

C4 Picasso

1.6 - 2.0

13E - 19E

C - G

C5 Saloon

1.6 - 2.2

20E - 35E

C - G

C5 Tourer

1.6 - 2.2

20E - 35E

C - G


1.6 - 2.0

18E - 28E

A - G

C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 - 2.0 14E - 20E D - G

* All information sourced from Citroën's website, June 2013 price guide

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  • Established - Paris, 1919
  • Founder(s) - André Citroën
  • Headquarters - Saint-Quen, France
  • Production output - 1,435,688 vehicles (2011)
  • Parent company - PSA Peugeot Citroën

Since 1919, when it was founded by Andre Citroën, Citroën cars have pioneered new approaches to design and engineering – with vehicles like the 1934 front-wheel drive Traction Avant, the DS with its hydraulic self-levelling suspension, the avant-garde 2CV and today’s C-Zero electric car. These innovations along with Citroën’s exploration of new concepts and designs has helped drive them to being the 4th largest car manufacturer in the world.

With their creative technology, great aesthetics and consistent performance, Citroën cars are now a common sight on UK roads and around the world – popular, reliable and desirable, they seem to have a model in their range to appeal to most motorists. 

You could make sure your Citroën is properly protected by comparing dozens of insurance quotes with – we’ll send our best quote direct to you in minutes.