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Would you pass your driving test now?

The driving test has undergone some major changes over the years and road safety experts such as Brake are pushing for more rigorous training in order to cut road casualties. reporter Naphtalia Loderick passed her driving test four years ago and like many drivers, feels she has picked up some bad habits. With that in mind, we decided to put her through her paces and send her out with a driving instructor for a mock test.

Pete McAnaw, a Wiltshire-based driving instructor with seven years experience, took Naphtalia through how the driving test is today and showed her all the new elements learner drivers face. He also explained some of the common reasons that people fail. Watch our video to find out if you’d pass you’re your driving test now and to see what potential bad habits you’ve picked up too.

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What do you think about the current driving test and driver training today? Does it go far enough to make our roads safe? And should drivers face compulsory refreshers? We want to know your views so get in touch with your thoughts via twitter @confused_com or email


Lois Avery

Lois Avery

Lois joined in 2010 after working for Dyson and as a local newspaper reporter in Wiltshire. After a year writing financial journalism at, Lois won the 2011 'most promising newcomer' at the BIBA journalist of the year awards.

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