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The Energy Price Guarantee

The unit prices of energy are now frozen until April 2023 because of the Energy Price Guarantee. The guarantee started on 1 October 2022 for the UK. It starts on 1 November for Northern Ireland.

The price freeze means that the average household could be paying £2,500 a year for their energy bills.

Remember, this isn’t a cap on your energy bill, just the price of energy units. Your bill could be higher than this depending on your energy usage.

Energy Support

The energy situation is worrying but there is help available. If you’re struggling to pay your energy bill you should speak to your supplier. You might be able to adjust your direct debit or create a payment plan.

There are also energy grants that can help you pay for your energy bills. This includes the Energy Bills Support Scheme, which is a £400 discount on your energy bill that’s paid in 6 monthly instalments of around £66. This should start from 1 October for the UK and 1 November for Northern Ireland.

Switching energy providers

At the moment, there aren't many options if you want to switch energy providers. By signing up to our switch ready programme, we can tell you when there are more energy deals available. It takes less than 1 minute:

  • Log in to your Confused.com account and confirm your address, energy usage and energy supplier's details.
  • We'll send personalised energy deals straight to your inbox.
  • Choose a deal you're happy with and we'll complete the switch for you.

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Energy saving tips

These simple tips could help reduce your energy usage, potentially saving you money each year:

Energy saving tip Saving
Taking 4-minute showers
Switching devices off standby
Running one load of washing less a week at 30°C
Air drying your clothes
Filling the kettle with only as much as you need
Turning off lights
Running one less dishwasher load per week

For more ways to save, read more of our energy saving tips. Our home warming hacks can provide simple, cheap fixes that could make your home feel warmer too.

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Energy saving top tip

Switch to LED bulbs. They last longer than
traditional bulbs and are much more efficient.
In fact, by switching to LEDs you could save £15
per bulb per year2.
Some smart LED bulbs can
help you save even more money as you can
switch them off remotely.

More on energy

How can I make sure I'm not charged too much for energy?

Taking accurate meter readings, even in the warmer months, can help keep your energy bills accurate. Otherwise, your energy company could estimate your energy bill. This means you could be paying more or less for energy than what you're actually using.

How to take a meter reading

How much is the average energy bill in the UK?

Here's an estimate of what you could be paying per month depending on whether you're a low, medium or high energy user:

Low £110.563
Medium £159.60
High £221.40

There could be ways you can reduce this figure though. One way is investing in looking into how energy efficient your appliances are and how much they're costing you to run.

Find out how much your appliances cost to run

Should I get a smart meter?

If you don't want to dig around in a dusty cupboard trying to read your meter, then a smart meter could be the way forward. Smart meters send automatic meter readings to your supplier. This means your energy bills could be more accurate.

Is it time for a smart meter?

How do I read my energy bill?

It's important to understand your energy bill so you can check your energy usage and see whether you're being charged the right amount.  

Energy bills explained

How to save on car insurance

At a time when savings are few and far between, we could help you save up to £348 on your car insurance.

How can you save on car insurance:

  • Switch insurers and get a better deal
  • Be accurate when you declare your mileage
  • Pay for your insurance annually
  • Watch out for extras you don't need

*Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, www.consumerintelligence.com (October '22). 51% of car insurance customers could save £348.45

Find out how much you could save on your car insurance

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Fuel saving tips and guides

Fuel prices have risen over the last few months, but there are ways to make it go further. Try:

  • Inflating your tyres to the correct pressure
  • Remove any excess weight from your car
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition
  • Keep your driving smooth by going easy on the accelerator
Check out our 14 fuel saving tips

More fuel saving ideas

Where can I find cheaper fuel?

Fuel prices change depending on the petrol station and where you are in the UK. Use our petrol prices tool to find cheaper fuel near you.

Find cheaper fuel near you

How much are your journeys costing you?

Use our fuel-cost calculator to work out how much fuel you're using, then use our fuel efficiency tips to see if you could cut the cost.

Work out your fuel costs

How do I make sure my tyres are properly inflated

Check your tyres are the right pressure can help to reduce your fuel consumption. While you’re there, it might be worth checking their tread depth too.

How to check your tyre pressure?

Use the Confused.com app to save yourself time and money

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  • Work out your car’s monthly running costs
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How to save on home insurance

We could help you save up to £163* on your home insurance.

Tips for cheaper home insurance:

*Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, www.consumerintelligence.com (September ’22). 51% of home insurance customers could save £163.58 on a combined policy.

Find out how much you could save on your home insurance

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What affects the price of life insurance and health

A number of factors affect the price of your life insurance policy. But there are ways you could cut the cost:

  • Don't over insure yourself. Our life insurance calculator can help you work out how much cover you need.
  • Don't delay getting cover. Usually, the sooner you take out your life insurance policy the better.
  • Consider a joint life insurance policy. This is usually cheaper than two individual policies.

Find out how life insurance premiums are calculated

How much could you save on your life insurance?

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How to save on your travel insurance

  • Get your travel insurance as soon as you can. That way you have time to shop around for the best price.
  • Buy annual cover if you plan on going away more than once a year.
  • Add your family to the policy instead of buying individual policies for them.
  • Add your friends to the policy, it could be cheaper than everyone paying for their own policy.

Explore our handy travel tips and guides

Find out how much you could save on travel insurance

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Figures taken from the Energy Savings Trust. These prices are typical savings per year for a typical three-bedroom, gas-heated home in Great Britain. The prices for gas and electricity are based on the Energy Price Guarantee October 2022.

Figures taken from the Energy Savings Trust.

Based on Ofgem's typical energy usage table for low, medium and high usage households. We also used Ofgem's Average price cap unit rates from 1 April 2022:

Gas: £0.07 per kWh plus Daily standing charge: £0.27
Electric: £0.28 per kWh plus Daily standing charge: £0.45
This is an estimate. Figures will vary depending on usage, supplier and location in the UK.