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What is any driver car insurance?

Any driver car insurance lets anyone drive your vehicle - with your permission, of course.

If you’ve got several drivers in the family and want to share costs, it's worth considering. With the costs of car insurance, car tax, servicing and fuel costs, running a car can be expensive.

Having the option of splitting this with everyone who uses the car is one way of keeping your costs down.

We don't compare any driver car insurance - this guide is for informational purposes only. But you can still compare standard car insurance policies with us.

Why would I need any driver car insurance?

You might want to consider any driver car insurance if you're:

  • Running a businesses with fleet vehicles or a driving school
  • Running your own business with haulage, delivery vehicles or a courier service
  • An elderly driver or have disabilities and need carers to be able to drive your car

Sharing insurance costs across your family could save you and your family members the hassle and expense of running separate vehicles. It also means you don't have to decide who's the 'main driver' of the car.

How much does any driver car insurance cost?

We can't give you an exact cost because car insurance prices depend on a range of factors including:

  • Your age and driving experience
  • Your claims and convictions history
  • The make, model and age of the car

Generally speaking, though, any driver car cover tends to be more expensive compared to standard car insurance.

This is because any driver car insurance has to anticipate the driving ability and habits of anyone driving your car.

Can anyone get any driver car insurance?

Generally, not everyone can get any driver car insurance. That’s because insurers know that young drivers tend to cost more in claims. There may be more restrictions compared to standard car insurance policies. 

If you’re 25 or under, any car driver insurance could be too expensive. You might even find that some insurers don't even offer it.

But if you’re running your own business and you rely on younger employees using your vehicles, it could be worth looking into.

Who can be a driver on any driver car insurance?

Usually, any driver over the age of 25 can be on an any driver policy. Most any driver car insurance policies have clear age cut-offs as younger drivers tend to be riskier and so more expensive to insure.

In a 2018 study, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) found that drivers aged 17-24, made up 7% of UK licence holders and tended to drive fewer miles than the average. Yet they were involved in 24% of all fatal collisions.

This means a bigger risk for the insurance company, which is why drivers under 25 are usually excluded.

Can I drive other cars on my insurance?

Depending on your policy, yes you can. Some comprehensive car insurance policies allow you to drive other people’s cars, but not all.

This Driving Other Cars (DOC) cover used be more commonplace, and many people mistakenly believe they have it automatically. Check your policy details to see if you're covered.

Just be aware that DOC cover is usually on a third-party-only basis. So, if you have an accident driving a friend’s car, for example, you likely won’t be covered for damage to their vehicle.

Think carefully about the implications of DOC cover before driving an unfamiliar car. If you're in an accident it might also affect their no-claims bonus, potentially making it more expensive when renewing their policy.

Are there any alternatives to any driver car insurance?

Alternatives to any driver car insurance include:

Despite it being a flexible option, in reality, only a small percentage of us would likely have the need for any driver insurance.

In most situations, it's often better to add a named driver instead or to look at temporary car insurance. These 2 options could be cheaper and more practical overall.

Most insurers should let you add several named drivers to your policy, which could suit your needs just as well. But a named driver should only drive your car now and again. You should be the main driver of the vehicle.

A named driver who uses your car regularly to avoid higher insurance costs is a form of fraud called fronting. Car insurance fronting is against the law and risks your policy being invalidated.

In some cases, it may even lead to a criminal conviction.

Is temporary cover cheaper than any driver car insurance cover?

Depending on your needs, temporary car insurance could be a cheaper alternative. Your friend or relative pays for cover for just a few hours or up to a month, and the cover stops after this time is up.

By only paying for the cover they need, temporary car insurance should be less expensive than a dedicated, annual policy.

Temporary car insurance policies are used in addition to your standard policy. So, if they’re unlucky and need to make a claim, it shouldn’t affect your no-claims bonus.

Compare temporary car insurance quotes

Can I get any driver car insurance for my business?

Yes you can. Having an any driver business car insurance policy allows multiple employees to use the same vehicle. This gives you more freedom without inflating your costs.

Some businesses rely heavily on temporary labour or they need to change or appoint new drivers at short notice. So, an any driver policy could be ideal.

Don’t forget, if you run a business and have a number of fleet vehicles you need to have at least third-party car insurance – the legal minimum required by UK law.