Fighting Unfair Fines

Councils pocketed more than £326m from over nine million penalty charge notices (PCN) issued to drivers in 2018.

Our interactive map shows the worst areas in the UK for PCN offences, and how much money councils have received.

Many drivers are confused about how to challenge unfair fines. In fact, one in two (52%) would've challenged an unfair fine if they knew how.

Given a PCN you deem unfair?
Confused about when and how to contest it?

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We issued a request under the Freedom of Information Act to more than 400 local authorities across the UK, asking for the number of penalty charge notices issued and the total income councils made from PCNs broken down by year. Figures revealed that 9,301,319 PCNs were issued in 2018, enabling councils to make £326,009,560.76 in income from PCNs.

The Fighting Unfair Fines map allows you to explore our research. You can see which regions are the worst for issuing PCNs and receiving the highest income and see the worst locations for each region.