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Any driver car insurance

Any driver car insurance lets anyone drive your vehicle - with your permission, of course. These policies are mainly for business use only and don’t ask you to give other driver details alongside your own. But because insurers don’t know the background or details of who's driving the car, it’s seen as a higher risk. This makes it more expensive compared to some alternatives.

While we do offer business car insurance we don’t offer specialist any driver insurance. But we can help you find and compare other flexible cover options that are similar and are often cheaper. There are specialist companies online who offer business and non business any driver insurance if that’s what you need.

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What is any driver car insurance best used for?

Generally, most people with a standard car insurance policy choose other ways to get more drivers insured on their car. But you might want to consider any driver car insurance if you're:

  • Running a business with fleet vehicles or a driving school
  • Running your own business with haulage, delivery vehicles or a courier service
  • An elderly driver or have disabilities and need carers to be able to drive your car

What are the alternatives to any driver car insurance?

There are several alternatives to this type of cover, and something as simple as driving others cars cover might work better for you for you.

Or, you could try:

Temporary car insurance

If you're looking to have friends, family members or employees drive for a short period of time, short term cover could be ideal. You can get covered instantly or schedule a start date up to 28 days in advance, and get insured from 1 hour up to 28 days. Each driver needs to have their own policy, so this might not be practical depending on how many drivers you need.

Adding a named driver to your policy

If you have a small number of specific people you want to use your car, most insurers should let you add up to 4 additional drivers to your policy. This could be your parents, children, friends or employees. But a named driver should only drive your car now and again. You should be the main driver of the vehicle, because having a named driver who uses your car regularly to avoid higher insurance costs is a form of fraud called fronting. Car insurance fronting is against the law and risks your policy being invalidated.

Multi-car insurance

This is most popular with families and people living at the same address, where there are multiple cars in use by different drivers. Some policies cover commercial usage too. You’re generally allowed up to 5 cars, but some insurers let you insure up to 7 cars.

Motor trade insurance

This is specifically designed to help businesses or self-employed individuals running a full or part-time company in the motor industry. This flexible insurance covers your employees driving or working on customer vehicles, as well as those owned by the business itself. It can cover a range of different types of businesses such as mechanics, valeters and car traders.

What our car insurance expert says

"Any driver insurance is usually only available for businesses and can be expensive. If you’re looking to add drivers to your policy we can suggest alternatives for any driver personal and business cover to give you more options to consider.

A temporary insurance policy or simply adding named drivers are just 2 alternatives that could save you money depending how often other drivers are using your car."

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
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What are the pros and cons of any driver insurance?



  • Flexible and easy to manage
  • Allows a business to insure a fleet of vehicles without naming drivers or giving details and driving history


  • Expensive – alternatives tend to be cheaper and possibly more suited to what you need
  • Not easily available to those who aren’t looking for business cover

Can anyone get any driver car insurance?

No, generally not just anyone can get any driver car insurance. For example, insurers know that young drivers tend to cost more in claims and so are less likely to be offered this type of policy. Even if you're 25 or under and are offered a policy, you may find it’s too expensive to afford.

But if you’re running your own business and you rely on younger employees using your vehicles, it could be worth looking into.

Who can be a driver on any driver car insurance?

Each insurer is likely to have a different view on this, but usually most drivers over the age of 25 can be covered. Most any driver policies have clear age cut-offs as younger drivers tend to be riskier and so more expensive to insure.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reports that drivers aged 17-24, make up 7% of UK licence holders and tend to drive fewer miles than the average. Yet this age group is involved in 24% of all fatal collisions

This means a bigger risk for the insurance company, which is why drivers under 25 are usually excluded.

Is temporary cover cheaper than any driver car insurance cover?

Depending on your needs, temporary car insurance could be a cheaper alternative. Your friend, relative or employee pays for cover for just a few hours or up to a month, and the cover stops after this time is up.

By only paying for the cover they need, temporary car insurance should be less expensive than a dedicated, annual policy. But we recommend you get both quotes to figure out if it works out better for you, as it fully depends on how often it’s needed.

Temporary car insurance policies are used in addition to your standard policy. So, if they need to make a claim, it shouldn’t affect your no-claims bonus.

You can only have one driver per temporary car insurance policy. So if you need multiple additional drivers at the same time, it could end up getting expensive for you.

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