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Blog: Impress your partner for less than £10

a romantic gesture

Even on a tight budget there’s still plenty of ways to treat the special person in your life. Here’s 10 of the best ways to impress for less than £10.

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Android vs. Apple: Which is best?

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3
As the gift-buying season looms, you may well be dreaming of a shiny new smartphone to adorn your pocket. But the big conundrum facing gadget-lovers today is: do I go for Android or Apple?  Read More…

Blog: Half term? Teach your children the joy of giving

A group of volunteers

Have you considered using the half-term holidays time to teach your children that giving can be as enjoyable as receiving? Money-saving blogger Peter Millikin explains all.

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Best credit cards for Christmas spending

Cost of Christmas

Whether you’re looking to spread the cost of Christmas over several months, or you want cashback from your festive shopping, we’ve rounded up of some of the best credit cards currently available.

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Blog: Money-saving tips for half-term

little girl jumping in puddle

Wondering how you're going to keep the kids entertained during half-term without blowing your bank balance? Take a leaf out of parenting blogger Clare Macnaughton's book.

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Brits named Brian and Helen have best credit

happy couple holding credit card

Men named Brian and women called Helen have the best credit profiles in the UK, according to new research by

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How UK consumer credit is improving

UK credit scores infographic teaser

The recent years how consumers spend and use credit has changed. Here's a breakdown of the best (and worst) UK scores, where those people live, and what male and female names are more likely to have good or bad credit.

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Would you get a guard dog to protect your home and family?

German Shepherd in a field
For homeowners, keeping your property secure when you’re both in and out of the house is paramount, with many splashing out on hi-tech alarm systems. But would you ever consider getting a dog to protect your home?  Read More…

Blog: Entertain the kids for less this half-term

A family reading together

Are you looking for ways to keep your children entertained for less during the half-term holidays? Parenting blogger Becky Goddard-Hill shares her top tips.

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Boost your chances of getting an iPhone 5

iPhone 5 front and back

Bad credit can stop you getting a mobile phone contact. If you’re thinking of upgrading to the new iPhone 5, you may need to improve your credit history. Here’s how.

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