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British Gas

British Gas and Electric
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  • British Gas
  • PO Box 4805
  • Worthing
  • BN11 9QW

Why choose British Gas electricity & gas?

  • Option to get British Gas electricity and gas from same supplier
  • Choose greener tariffs
  • Convenient options including paperless billing
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British Gas electricity & gas: facts

  • Centrica, which owns British Gas, is a FTSE 100 energy company
  • It also has business in energy trading and energy storage
  • British Gas wants to help people become more energy efficient

British Gas is the UK’s leading energy supplier. It supplies over 11 million homes with gas and over 6 million homes with British Gas electricity. It is also known as Nwy Prydain in Wales and Scottish Gas in Scotland.

In 1997, British Gas became 2 companies – Centrica is the part that looks after energy supply including gas and electric.

British Gas electricity has the lowest CO2 emissions of all the major suppliers, according to the company itself. It’s also committed to renewable, sustainable energy.

British Gas aims to provide the best value energy and the highest quality service; that’s goes for its British Gas electricity too.

Whatever you’re looking for from your gas and electricity supplier, with you can find a good deal quickly and simply. We compare lots of energy providers, including British Gas. On average, 10% of customers save at least ¬£401 on their gas and electricity bills when they change tariffs*.

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