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BMW 1-Series car insurance

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BMW 1-Series insurance

The BMW 1-Series is a line of small, family-oriented cars, which BMW have been producing since 2004. They come in a range of models and engine options, all of which will impact the insurance premium you can expect to pay.

From the 1.6 hatchback to the 3 litre M Coupé, the BMW 1-Series can appeal both to young drivers looking for cheap insurance quotes, or executives looking for a sporty convertible – the range makes it suitable for a wide customer base, which has contributed to its success.

Your insurance premium will depend on your particular 1-Series model. Engine size, value and safety features are just some of the factors that will contribute to your BMW 1-Series insurance group, and different insurers will rate on these groups differently. The table below shows where models in the 1-Series range may fall in terms of ABI insurance group and tax band, which may help you gauge potential running costs.

1-Series Model   

Engine size

Typical insurance group* 

Tax bracket

Convertible (08 on)

2.0 - 3.0

24 - 38

D - K

Coupé (07 on)

2.0 - 3.0

22 - 36

C - K

Hatchback (04 - 11)

1.6 - 3.0

17 - 34

C - L

Hatchback (11 on)

1.6 - 3.0

12 - 39

A - G

M Coupé




* All information sourced from

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BMW 1-Series; Facts

  • Production - 2004-present
  • Predecessor - BMW Compact
  • Class - Small family car / C-segment

The BMW 1-Series is generally (depending on the engine model), the smallest and cheapest model in the BMW range. Its engine and body options are designed to appeal to a wide market, including families, young drivers and executives, without restricting it to any particular one.

With an impressive array of safety equipment, including ABS brakes, stability control, dynamic traction control, cornering brake control, airbags and run flat tyres, the 1-Series achieved a 5-star Euro NCAP rating. The standard and optional extra features in the series also contribute to keeping these models in line with BMW’s reputation for quality and luxury.