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For animal owners, a pet is so much more than a four-legged friend - they’re a much-loved member of the family. This means leaving them home alone can be pretty difficult.

To ease this anxiety, you might leave a light on or even switch the TV on for your pets as you head out the door. But how much is this costing us? And how can we reduce the energy we use without sacrificing the comfort of our pets?

Chart showing cat vs. dog owners who spends the most on energy

Which creature comforts cost us the most?

The most expensive energy use in the study was the use of an electric fire or radiator. 31% of us have powered up an electric heat source for our pets in the past year but on a single-use, this appliance could be costing us 36 pence an hour. Over an average 12-hour day, this quickly adds up to £4.31 per day!

The second most expensive energy use was washing your pet – 72 pence per wash. Luckily this isn’t a frequent activity for pet owners and is generally used for less time than an electric radiator.

Chart showing the ten most expensive appliances for pet care.

Energy use by city

The amount we’re spending on our pets differs across the UK.

Oxford residents were shown to pamper their pets the most with pet owners spending around £296 per year. By contrast, those in Plymouth spent just £34 per year on average.

Introducing the cities that spend the most on energy for their pets…

Map showing the cities that spend the most on pet energy

How pet owners approach energy spend

Many of us are trying to make more sustainable choices every day for our planet. When it comes to energy, this means turning lights off when we leave a room and having the heating on only when we’re at home. But for pet-owners, many of these ground rules go out of the window.

A total of 22% of pet owners are willing to spend more on their energy bills to provide comfort for their pets.

Image showing pet owners attitudes to energy use

Confused about your energy bills?

A total of 8% of pet owners are confused about how to reduce the amount they spend on energy for pets. And 10% are confused about how to reduce their energy bills in general.

To help clear this confusion, we spoke to certified animal behaviourist Caroline Wilkinson, founder of the digital pet coaching service Barket Place. We asked her about how we can reduce the energy we use to care for our pets without sacrificing their comfort.

Image showing ways pet owners can reduce their energy use

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