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2022 TikTok motor league

TikTok has quickly established itself as one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with billions of people now using it.

But as well as viral challenges and dances, you can find all kinds of content on the platform, including clips of the world’s fastest, most beautiful cars.

A sleek, modern grey/ charcoal executive sportscar

Some TikTokers even base their content around such vehicles, such as Daniel Mac, who famously asks drivers of expensive cars how they made their money.

But which are the most popular cars on TikTok? And who are the car influencers who have gained the most significant followings on the platform?

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The most popular car models on TikTok

Infographic showing top3 tiktok cars

1. Ford Maverick - 10.9 billion views

The most viewed car of all on TikTok isn’t actually a supercar or luxury model, but rather, the Ford Maverick, with 10.9 billion views.

There are actually 2 vehicles known as the Ford Maverick. The first is a classic 1970s compact car, but more recently Ford released a brand new pickup truck, also called the Maverick.

2. Ford Mustang - 10.7 billion views

Second place also goes to a Ford model, and once again it has had multiple incarnations over the years.

The Mustang is perhaps one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, being launched almost 60 years ago.

As well as the classic muscle car version, today we also have the Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric crossover SUV.

3. Toyota Supra - 9.4 billion views

The most-loved non-Ford vehicle on TikTok is the Toyota Supra, with 9.4 billion views.

The Supra is a sports car that recently came back into production after a 17-year hiatus and has commonly been used in motorsport.


The most popular car manufacturers on TikTok

Infographic showing top 3 tiktok car brands

1. BMW - 49.2 billion views

Despite each of the top 2 vehicles being a Ford, when we look at car brands themselves, it’s BMW that claims the top spot with a combined 49.2 billion views.

BMW is of course one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, specialising in luxury vehicles.

The brand is also well-known for its legacy in motorsport, producing touring cars, sports cars, and motorbikes for the Isle of Man TT race.

The most viewed BMW model on TikTok is the M5, which is the high-performance variant of the 5 Series, with 1.8 billion views.

2. Mercedes-Benz - 27.1 billion views

With just over half as many views as BMW is Mercedes-Benz in second place. Mercedes is another giant in the automotive world and shares much in common with BMW, with both based in Germany and focusing on luxury cars.

Mercedes is amongst the biggest producers of premium cars in the world, such as their flagship model, the S-Class, which has 720.1 million views. The brand has a proud motoring heritage, having sold the first internal combustion engine-propelled car.

3. Audi & Honda - 20.4 billion views

There are 2 brands deadlocked in third place, both with 20.4 billion views. The first is yet another premium German brand, Audi, known for its four-ring logo and Vorsprung Durch Technik slogan.

The other is Honda, the highest-ranking non-German brand, which is also known for producing motorcycles, and power equipment.

Audi’s most viewed vehicle is the R8, with 1.4 billion views, while for Honda it’s the NSX with 501.7 million.


The most popular car influencers on TikTok

infographic showing the top 3 Tiktok car influencers

1. Daniel Mac - 12.6 million followers

TikTok has proved a lucrative platform for content creators of all genres, and it’s no different in the world of cars.

The automotive influencer who has made the biggest name on the platform is Daniel Mac. The TikToker collars drivers of expensive-looking cars and asks them a simple question: “What do you do for a living?”.

Some of the answers can be quite surprising, not least in his most viewed video, in which he discovered a Lamborghini Aventador being driven by a 93-year-old woman!

2. Supercar Blondie - 10.6 million followers

Not too far behind in terms of followers is Alex Hirschi, better known as Supercar Blondie, with 10.6 million followers.

Born in Australia but based in Dubai, she covers supercar culture and is one of the few women in the space.

Her most viewed videos are those that walk viewers through futuristic concept cars like the Renault Morphoz, and the Audi Grand Sphere.

3. Dima Gordey - 5.1 million followers

In third place (albeit over 5 million followers behind second) is Dima Gordey, best known for his YouTube channel but with a significant TikTok following too.

He showcases vehicles from brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini to his following of 5.1 million people.


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