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Terms and conditions

Our guarantee to beat your home insurance renewal quote

  1. This offer applies only to customers purchasing a contents policy, a buildings policy or a combined contents & buildings policy through www.confused.com during the promotion. Any other product, including landlord insurance and business insurance are excluded. This offer does not apply to insurance for listed buildings, holiday homes, B&Bs, properties with subsidence history, thatch homes.
  2. This offer started on the 1st March 2018.
  3. Confused.com guarantees that the price you pay for a new policy purchased through www.confused.com during the promotion will be cheaper than the renewal price offered by your current insurance provider, or we will refund the difference plus £20.00, subject to the following criteria:
    1. Your new home insurance policy must be purchased through Confused.com during the promotion and remain in force/active for at least 30 days with all payments up to date.
    2. The cheapest price is considered to be the lowest base annual premium offered on Confused.com’s price comparison service.
    3. On the day of its inception, the policy must be on a like-for-like basis, including any voluntary excess. You must be able to provide evidence of your renewal and new policy including your personal details, the property, contents (if applicable) and the level of cover.
    4. The offer applies only to the base annual premium for the home insurance policy. Any additional costs, including optional extras or policy / instalment charges are excluded.
    5. The offer applies only to the original renewal price offered by your current insurer, and excludes any price discounts, offers or negotiated rates offered after the original renewal.
    6. This offer is not available if your current insurer declines to offer a renewal price for any reason, or Confused.com are unable to provide any prices via their online home insurance price comparison service.
    7. This offer does not apply to insurance for listed buildings, holiday homes, B&Bs, properties with subsidence history and thatch homes.

How to Claim

  1. To claim under this offer, you must provide us with a copy of your previous insurance documents including the policy schedule and renewal notice, plus the policy summary/proposal form of the new home insurance policy purchased through Confused.com during the promotion. Further information may be required.
  2. This information must be emailed to us at BeatYourRenewal@confused.com within 30 days of your new policy starting. Do not send any paperwork via post.
  3. If your claim is validated, your premium difference plus £20.00 will be refunded to you via cheque, made payable to the policyholder only and issued to the address noted in the insurance policy. We will issue the cheque within 90 days after receiving a valid claim.
  4. If you fail to provide adequate documentation or where the documentation does not meet the qualifying criteria, you will not be able to claim under this offer. Your policy will continue to be charged at the quoted rate and will be subject to standard charges and fees.
  5. Claims made where a more expensive policy has been selected other than the cheapest like-for-like policy available through Confused.com may be rejected.

Other Terms

  1. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer with the exception of Confused.com Rewards.
  2. We reserve the right to vary or withdraw this offer at any time.
  3. Confused.com reserve the right to refuse your claim at any time we suspect:
    1. Any abuse or attempted abuse of the offer
    2. Any breach or attempted breach of these terms
    3. Any breach or attempted breach of the general use of the Confused.com website terms and conditions
    4. Any activity which in our reasonable opinion constitute misuse or fraudulent activity towards the offer
  4. Confused.com accepts no liability or responsibility for claims lost, delayed or undelivered, nor any liability for technical errors or communication failures in networks and/or internet access.

These terms and conditions were updated on 23rd March 2021

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