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Sainsbury's Bank car insurance

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0800 032 0315
  • Sainsbury's Bank Insurance
  • Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
  • 33 Holborn
  • London
  • EC1N 2HT

Why choose Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance?

  • Can be covered for others’ road rage (comprehensive cover)
  • Hotel accommodation cover, up to £400 (comprehensive cover)
  • Your Sainsbury's groceries are covered, up to £200, if damaged in an accident (comprehensive cover)

Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance: facts

  • In 2010, Sainsbury’s celebrated its 140th birthday
  • Headquarters are located in London
  • Was the first major supermarket to open a bank

As part of their expanding financial services offering, Sainsbury’s Bank also offer car insurance.

They offer unique options like road rage cover, hotel accommodation if you’re stranded away from home.

If you need to make a claim on your Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance policy, they aim to complete it all over the phone – so you don’t need to fill in any forms.

Remember, buying Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance direct is not necessarily cheaper – you get the same deal or better with