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Life insurance guides

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Guide icon for a buyers guide

A beginner's guide to life insurance

How do you best choose a cheap life insurance policy that best suits your needs? Find out here.

Guide icon for cancelling life insurance

Cancelling your life insurance

It's best to think carefully before cancelling a life insurance policy. Find out the options you need to weigh up here.

Guide icon for how to change your life insurance policy

Changing your life insurance policy

Why is it a good idea to regularly review life cover to make sure it’s right for you and your family's circumstances? Find out here.

Guide icon for effects of critical illness on life insurance

Critical illness cover: Should I get it?

What are the advantages of insuring yourself against becoming critically ill, rather than just getting life insurance?

Guide icon for the affects of smoking on life insurance

Does smoking affect my life insurance premium?

To what degree does smoking tobacco affect your ability to get life insurance, and its cost?

Guide icon for family medical history

Family medical history and your life insurance premium

Increasingly, insurers want to know about your family’s medical history. Find out more here.

Guide icon for calculating life premiums

How life insurance premiums are calculated

Want to know how life insurance is calculated? And how you can take steps to reduce premiums? Then read on.

Guide icon for working out how much life insurance you need

How much life insurance cover do you need

How much life insurance do you need? What circumstances affect the calculation? Find out how to work out your ideal level of life cover.

Guide icon for income protection

Income protection life insurance

Many worry about not being able to pay the mortgage - or meet other financial commitments - if made redundant or unable to work due to illness or accident. How do you put your mind at rest?

Guide icon for the life insurance glossary

Jargon buster: A life insurance terms glossary

Do you find life insurance terms bewildering? The following brief glossary is intended to make sense of life insurance policies.

Guide icon for Life insurance policy exclusions

Life insurance policy exclusions and small print

What do you need to know about life insurance policies to avoid any nasty surprises? Find out here.

Guide icon for house with mortgage

Mortgage life insurance

Want to keep a roof over your dependants' heads in the event of your death? Then find out more about mortgage life insurance.

Guide icon for tips for new parents

New parents' life insurance tips

Have you got a young or even brand-new family? Having children is an important life event, and life insurance can be very helpful. Find out why here.

Guide icon for over 50s life insurance

Over 50s life insurance

Turned 50? Don't have a life insurance policy? We reveal the benefits that life insurance has to offer.

Guide icon for pension term assurance

Pension term assurance

Do you have pension term assurance? Care should be taken if you want to change your cover or switch to a new type of insurance. Find out why here.

Guide icon for policy types

Policy types in life insurance

Which life insurance policy is right for you? To provide for your partner or family, there are a number of types of policy to choose from

Guide icon for reducing your premium

Reduce your life insurance quote: We show you how

A guide to help you reduce your life insurance premiums without compromising on your cover.

Guide icon for single person life insurance

Single person life insurance: Should you take it out?

Is life insurance just for people who get married and have children? Should you take out life cover even if you're single?

Guide icon for joint policy info

What is joint life insurance?

Does it make sense not only to get life insurance cover for yourself, but also for your partner? Find out more about joint policies here.

Guide image for term life insurance

What is level term life insurance?

What is level term life insurance is and how does it differ from other types of life cover? This guide explains how it works.

Guide icon for whole life cover

Whole life insurance cover: What are the benefits?

Whole-of-life insurance is designed so the policy pays out a lump sum to your loved ones when you die. What are the advantages of this approach over other policies?

Guide icon for over 50s life insurance

Writing life insurance in trust

Only 6 per cent of people put their life insurance in trust. Find out more about the possible advantages with


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Matt Lloyd, Head of life insurance

Matt Lloyd, Head of Life insurance

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of many Brits who haven't got cover in
place to protect their family should the unavoidable happen."

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Jargon buster


This is a collection of all your assets, so your house, car, savings & investments etc.


A legally acknowledged arrangement to pass on your assets when you die.


How long the policy lasts for, i.e. 5-40 years.

Critical illness cover

A policy that can provide you with a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a defined critical illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attack.