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What's the difference between a multi-trip and a normal policy?

If you’re a frequent traveler or even just go away more than once a year, an annual or ‘multi-trip’ insurance might be a cost-effective option for you.

Instead of buying a single trip policy every time you go on holidays, an annual insurance policy could cover you for short trips throughout the year. Any last minute trips could automatically be covered and you could save yourself the time of taking out a policy each time.

  • Covers multiple short duration trips throughout the year (from the policy start date)
  • Usually covers up to 31 days per trip (some specialist insurers could offer up to 45, 60 and 90 days cover)
  • Multi-trip policies could cover domestic and regional travel too - not just holidays abroad

What does it cover?

Some of the benefits of an annual policy include:

  • You could be covered for any unexpected or last minute trips you might want to take
  • Any holidays you book throughout the year could have an automatic cancellation cover in place, meaning that if you were forced to cancel your holiday, you could claim back the costs of missed flights and hotels
  • You could also be covered for some adventure sports, but make sure you check your policy to see if you're covered for any activities you might have planned!
  • If you are regular travellers and take out cover for the whole family, you could stay covered even if you're on a child-free holiday.

You could also be covered for:

  • Medical treatment and transportation back to the UK if you fall ill or get injured abroad
  • Delays and cancellations if your flights are delayed or you have to cut your trip short due to illness or bereavement
  • Baggage and personal possessions cover, including important documents, travel money and devices if they are stolen or lost
  • Some insurance companies offer protection against your airline going bankrupt

Travel tips:

The following travel tips could help you before you take out a policy or if you need to make a claim:
  • Declare any pre-existing medical conditions when you take out an annual policy, including any new medical conditions that you develop during the term of your policy
  • Get your policy in advance to get the full benefit of cancellations cover, check for any exclusions and if there is an excess on the policy
  • Make sure you report any lost or stolen items to the police within 24 hours before you make a claim
  • Annual multi-trip policies usually put a cap on how many consecutive days you could travel (usually 31 days), so if you plan on travelling for longer, it might be worth looking into backpackers travel insurance

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