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Will gas and electricity prices continue to soar?

blue gas flame pound symbol

For most households, the cost of gas and electricity is now the third largest outgoing, after mortgages or rent, and food bills.

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New campaign to cut energy bills

blue gas flame

A new campaign has been launched to help millions of UK households cut their heating bills by adopting a range of energy-saving measures.

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Millions set for cheaper energy deals

A lit gas hob

Millions of households are in line for cheaper energy bills under new reforms announced by the industry regulator.

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On an energy prepay meter? Switch & save

Thermostat control with pound sign

As of 1 November, gas and electricity prepayment meter customers who are up to £500 in debt with their current supplier will be allowed to switch to a cheaper rival.

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British Gas & npower confirm winter price rises

Circular sign entitled energy bills with arrow pointing upwards

Millions of British household budgets are set to be squeezed further as British Gas and npower's winter gas and electricity price hikes take effect.

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Where your energy spend goes

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Have you ever wondered how suppliers decide what price to charge for the gas and electricity you use? Well wonder no more!

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Understanding your energy bill

plug being inserted into socket

In order to help you to understand your bill, we’ve compiled this guide in which we will address each part of the bill and explain in simple terms what each section means.

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Energy jargon buster

close up, angular shot of electricity pylon

Do you find that the world of energy is awash with impenetrable jargon? If so, you’re not the only one. This is why we’ve put together a glossary of terms commonly used in association with your domestic electricity and gas supply.

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Rules To Ensure Energy Firms Fair

A 3D pound sign light bulb

Ofgem has proposed new rules for energy companies to follow to ensure customers are treated fairly.

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Energy supplier obligations: What should they be doing for us?

Gas energy

We know energy suppliers provide us with our much-needed gas and electricity, but there’s a whole lot more they’re supposed to be doing too. After all, lights turning on and cookers heating up are just one small part of the service you pay for.

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