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  • Shrink your bills's gas & electricity best-buy table

Close up of a blue flame on a gas cooker hob

No one wants to pay over the odds for their gas and electricity. Check our energy best-buy table to compare cheap gas and electricity suppliers.

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Beat winter gas and electricity price rises

Coins on a letter saying energy prices are going up

Winter price rises by the UK's big six gas and electricity firms have been confirmed. Here's how to cut costs.

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Your home's top five energy-hungry appliances

children watching plasma TV

Where is most energy consumed around the home and what can we do to minimise its use? We look at your home's top five energy-hungry appliances.

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Will simpler tariffs lead to higher gas and electricity bills?

blue gas flame energy symbol

Plans to make gas and electricity deals simpler could backfire by pushing prices up, experts are warning.

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Smaller gas and electricity firms explained

Family warming their feet in front of the fire

The Big Six gas and electricity firms in the UK always grab headlines but there are a number of smaller suppliers too - and they often offer households a better deal. We take a look.

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How the EU Gender Directive affects car insurance for women

How the EU gender directive will affect car insurance

Head of car insurance Gareth Kloet explains what the EU Gender Directive is, how it will affect car insurance and offers advice to women who will be most affected after December 21 2012.

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How cavity wall insulation could help reduce your energy bills

How cavity wall insulation could help reduce your energy bills

Simon Kelly from Dyson Energy Services explains what cavity wall insulation is and how it could help reduce household gas and electricity bills.

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Cut your energy bills with

Lightbulb on a pile of coins

Cut your gas and electricity bills with Find out how you can be more energy-efficient and lower your bills with our top videos and articles.

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Money-saving tips, tools and guides

Blue piggy bank filling up with money

From easy ways to save, to the cheapest times to buy, here are all the tips, guides and tools you need to become a money-saving expert and get your finances in shape.

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Quit smoking with

A cigarette being smoked

Want to quit smoking? can help. We have lots of useful smoking facts and information that will hopefully help you kick the habit.

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