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Video: 7 things only a burglar can tell you about burglary

sitecore burglary

In this video, three ex-burglars discuss what makes an ideal target, and the best ways to protect your home.

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Would you get a guard dog to protect your home and family?

German Shepherd in a field
For homeowners, keeping your property secure when you’re both in and out of the house is paramount, with many splashing out on hi-tech alarm systems. But would you ever consider getting a dog to protect your home?  Read More…

What to do if you smell gas – safety tips from

Gas stove

If horror stories of gas explosions leave you tossing and turning in your bed, fear not. There are ways to keep your home safe from gas leaks - and it doesn’t involve cooking over an open fire!

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Quit smoking with

A cigarette being smoked

Want to quit smoking? can help. We have lots of useful smoking facts and information that will hopefully help you kick the habit.

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Stop smoking with

Ashtray full of cigarettes

Quit smoking with and you could see a reduction in your life insurance premium

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Understanding public liability insurance

photo of patient with broken arm
When an accident occurs where blame can be attributed to a business, there is an insurance policy that can be taken out called public liability insurance.  Read More…

Why public liability insurance is so important?

A carpenter at work
Public liability insurance covers the cost of damages you might have to pay if personal injury or property damage is caused by your business.  Read More…

The importance of liability insurance

A man at work
Public liability and employer's liability insurance provide upwards of £10 million cover for your business to safeguard it against a wide range of threats, both inside and out.  Read More…

The right employers' liability insurance for restaurant owners

Woman in an apron with mixing bowl
If you're running a restaurant you need to make sure you have the right employers' liability insurance - or face a hefty fine.  Read More…

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