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Video: Joey Essex and BRIAN show off their dance moves


BRIAN and Joey exchange some of their best moves and come up with their own catchy song.

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7 things that made fans during the World Cup

Amazon - paddy power. Come on England!

From fake deforestation to bitey Uruguayans, here are the incidents that left fans during the 2014 World Cup.

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Video: BRIAN reads nice tweets

BRIAN reads nice tweets sitecore teaser
BRIAN the robot reads a selection of nice tweets from lovely people on Twitter. 
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Video: BRIAN reads mean tweets

BRIAN reads mean tweets teaser image
BRIAN the Robot reads a selection of mean tweets from Twitter trolls. 
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Quiz: How are you?

BRIAN the Robot asking how are you

How were you about last month's news? Take the quiz and find out! The fewer questions you get right, the more you are.

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Video: Joey Essex tries the new Talking BRIAN app

brian and joey essex

When Joey Essex met BRIAN the Robot. In this exchange, Joey Essex tries out the new Talking BRIAN app.

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Why was Jonathan Pearce by goal line technology?

Jonathan Pearce commentary teaser

When commentator Jonathan Pearce was by goal line technology during the France and Honduras World Cup game, the internet reacted.

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I'm Would you wanna marry "Harry"?

Prince Harry 'lookalike' Matt Hicks
In terms of what Brits were about in May, 'reality' TV show 'I Wanna Marry "Harry"' came in eighth place. So what's it all about?  Read More…

Video: about who to support in the World Cup?

Capture interview still

We hit the streets of Cardiff with our team randomiser to help people decide who to back in Brazil.

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Did Paddy Power really cut down the Amazon?

Amazon - paddy power. Come on England!

When Paddy Power showed their support for England's World Cup team by seemingly carving up the Amazon rainforest, the internet was

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