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5 mega-rich credit cards you could only dream of owning

Rich woman boarding private jet

If you enjoy an early morning dip in a pool filled with your own money, then you may be in the market for one these credit cards.

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11 things less likely to happen than being a millionaire

Millionaire lady leaving a private jet -teaser

Why being a millionaire is more likely than getting injured by a toilet, having a double-yolker and hurting yourself while mowing the lawn. 

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Top 7 music videos for people with money on their minds

Money on my mind is giving away £1,000,000! So, if like us, you have money on your mind why not check out these music videos, which are all about the moolah.

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Car adverts can earn drivers £2,000 a year

Car with adverts on

If you're willing to have adverts stuck to the side of your car, you could earn some much-needed extra income - up to £2,000 a year in some cases.

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Blog: Why I'm a fan of premium bonds

Lady with money

Premium bonds are certainly popular, with many people regarding them as a safe way to gamble, says journalist and premium bonds holder Maria McCarthy. But are they worth it?

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Make money from your parking space

Car in a garage

If you've got an unoccupied driveway, garage or land suitable for parking, why not make extra cash by renting it out?

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Mobile phone recycling: Don’t fall into this trap

Folded twenty pound notes

Make sure you check the small print before taking advantage of one of the many online mobile phone recycling firms.

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Piggy bank

Another month, another statement showing your savings aren’t earning much interest. Maybe it’s time you thought about investing your money in something solid?

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Finding the best current account for you


The days are probably long gone when you’d pick a bank account (probably the same bank your father used) when you first started work and stuck to it for the rest of your life.

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What to look for in a new current account

someone filling out a redundancy form

The answer to the question – like so many questions to do with the personal banking services we use – is really not so very different to the way we’d answer “what to look for in buying a new car”: namely, it all depends what you plan to use it for.

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