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Fireman gives kiss of life to dog

By Scott Allan

A dog owner in Hull could be about to make one of the most unusual pet insurance claims ever after his mongrel was saved from a house blaze when it was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by a firefighter.

Sunny was recovered from the fire unconscious and was passed to waiting fireman Mick Dunn, who initially thought the dog was dead.

Despite never having heard of the life-saving technique being used on a dog, Mr Dunn spent a few minutes trying to resuscitate Sunny before seeing signs of life.

He then administered oxygen-mask therapy on the animal for 30 minutes before she was given over a vet, who gave her the all-clear following a thorough medical examination.

Dog-owner Mr Dunn said he fully expects to be the victim of jokes from friends and colleagues about the unusual rescue but insisted it was "all part of our service".

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