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It's compulsory to have travel insurance when visiting Cuba, so it's good to be prepared

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Why do I need insurance to travel to Cuba?

  • It's requirement to have travel insurance when visiting Cuba, so make sure you’re prepared by getting covered in advance
  • Extra security - You could be covered for a range of mishaps that may arise while on holiday
  • Going on an activity packed holidayYou could be covered for activities such as paragliding or snorkeling, but make sure you check your policy.

Get covered for:

  • Hospital costs - Your medical treatment and repatriation to the UK could be covered if you fall seriously ill or injure yourself in Cuba
  • Baggage and personal possessions - Your items, travel documents and money could be covered against loss or theft
  • Cancellations – If you're forced to cancel your holiday or cut your trip short in an emergency

Given the distance people have to travel to get to Cuba it is not somewhere they tend to go for a few days only, and if you're going on holiday more than once this year, an annual multi-trip policy could be more economical than purchasing multiple single trip policies.

Cuba: Checklist

  • Visa - Make sure you get a correct visa for the purpose of your visit (find out more here).
  • Vaccinations – Although it’s not compulsory to get vaccinations, it’s recommended to check that you’re up to date with your injections.
  • Weather – Cuba’s hurricane season normally runs from June to November, so it’s important to monitor weather conditions and track the progress of the approaching storm.
  • Insurance - You must have a valid travel insurance policy when arriving in Cuba.
  • Money – Technically Cuba operates a dual currency system, where visitors use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) which can only be bought and sold once you’re in the country.

Due to tensions between Cuba and the USA, there have been reports that any travel insurance policy or credit card that is underwritten by, owned by or affiliated with an American company will not be accepted in Cuba. For this reason, it’s worth checking beforehand that your policy and money will be accepted on holiday.

Take a look at the gov.co.uk website for more information on foreign travel advice for Cuba.

Cuba: Did you know?

Cuba is a country of fascinating history, breath-taking views and tranquil wildlife. It’s known for its cigars and Castro, but holidaying in Cuba is so much more. Get lost in its relaxing atmosphere while listening to salsa and watching 1950s American cars pass by in the Cuban capitol Havana, or soak up the sun and take the plunge into any of 30 coral dive sites in Varadero. Cuba is the destination you'll never forget and you'll come back with some truly unique stories to tell.

  • Cuba is known as ‘la República de Cuba’ in Spanish and Cubans refer to it as ‘El Cocodrilo’ as the island resembles a crocodile.
  • Cuba is full of US classic cars from the 1950s because they're the only cars Cuban citizens can legally own; all newer cars are owned by the government.
  • Cuba has the highest doctor to patient ratio in the world.
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