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My last holiday was in CARlisle.
*The cheapest single trip policy is £10.58 (based on 1 adult aged 28 travelling to Australasia for up to 14 days). Prices correct on the 10/05/2015.

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Why do I need insurance to travel to Australia?

  • Extra security - Travel insurance can cover you for a range of problems that could arise while you're on your holiday 
  • Backpacking through OZ? – Consider getting your passport, baggage and flights covered in an emergency
  • Australia is all about living in the moment - So if you're planning to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef or bungee jump in Cairns you might want to take out additional cover 

Take a look at our guide to different types of policies.

Get covered for:

  • Medical treatment - Your policy could cover your medical treatment and repatriation back to the UK if you get ill or injured abroad
  • Loss/theft – You might want to ensure your baggage, souvenirs, laptops/and or tablets are covered
  • Cancellations – Australia is prone to extreme weather and seasonal natural disasters so check your policy and exclusions if you want to be covered for this 

See our guide to claiming on your travel insurance policy.

Australia: Checklist

  • Electronic Travel Authority tourist visa (ETA) - As a British citizen you are permitted to access Australia’s ETA issuing system. ETA is an electronically stored authorisation for travel to Australia which allows stay for up to 3 months on each trip within 12 months and it will cost you around £14 (AU $20).
  • Australian dollar – Your best bet is to take a combination of cash, travellers’ cheques, credit cards, and/or prepaid cards, this way you won’t have to worry about running low on funds and it’s a much safer option. Make sure you contact your bank before travelling in case your debit or credit card gets blocked when you try to use it while you're away.
  • Weather check - Australia is prone to seasonal natural disasters including flash flooding, tropical cyclones, forest fires and dust storms. The cyclone season normally runs from November to April. It’s recommended that you keep up-to-date with weather in Australia and follow advice from emergency services and local news.
  • If you're thinking of hiring a car, take a look at our handy guide to driving in Australia!

Australia: Did you know?

  • Australia has a population of approximately 21.5 million, around a third of the UK, and has a coastline 25,800km long.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the longest coral reef in the world, covering over 2,012.5 kilometres.
  • Australia has the world's largest cattle station (30,028.3 km2) which is almost the same size as Belgium.
  • During a lifetime the average Australian can be expected to eat: 17 beef cattle, 92 sheep, 165,000 eggs, 406 loaves of bread, 8 tons of fruit and 10 tons of veggies..
  • Australia has had some harsh environmental problems in the last few years and is the driest continent on the planet. Water restrictions are common in most cities. But don't worry, there's no such restrictions on beer!’s Travel Insurance solution is provided by is a trading style of Investment Discounts On-Line Ltd and is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office; Investment Discounts On-Line Ltd, One Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AA. Registered in England no: 04231834. is part of the Legal & General group.