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Compare ISAs

Beat the taxman - use your annual ISA allowance of £11,880 (for the tax year 2014/15, rising to £15,000 from the 1st of July) and you can earn tax free interest on your savings. You can use up to your allowance in a cash ISA, a stocks & shares investment or a combination of both.

We compare easy access ISAs, fixed rate ISAs & Investment ISAs. This tax year, you'll be able to save up to £5,940 in a cash ISA & the same in an investment ISA or forego your cash allowance and invest up to £11,880 in an investment ISA, with no restrictions on how you divide your savings from the 1st of July.

Choosing Your ISA

If you're a UK taxpayer, an ISA could be the account for you, but with so many ISAs available, it's important to compare accounts to make sure you get the best deal.

Whether you have £1 to save or £1000, and can lock your cash away or need instant access, can help you find the right ISA for you.

Cash ISAs

Ranked in order of Interest (AER)

  • Minimum
    opening balance
  • Interest rate
  • Manage your
  • Interest
  • Transfers in
  • Unlimited free

Save tax free over your ISA allowance


  • What do I need to apply for an ISA?
    Answer: You can apply online with some basic information about yourself. You need to be aged over 16 and permanently resident in the UK for tax purposes, and you will have to provide your National Insurance number as part of the process.
  • Does the annual allowance ever change?
    Answer: Yes. In the tax year 2013 - 2014 you were able to deposit a maximum £11,520 into an ISA. This was increased for 2014 - 2015 to £11,880, and on July 1st it will be increased to £15,000.
  • Can I make withdrawals from my ISA?
    Answer: Some accounts are designed for instant access so you can take out your cash. However, any cash withdrawn loses its tax free privileges and if it was deposited this tax year you also lose part of your allowance.

Understanding ISA savings accounts

Guide to ISAs

What is an ISA?

The term ISA stands for Individual Savings Account.

There are two main types of ISA account - Cash ISAs and Investment ISAs (often also called a Stocks & Shares ISA). You can save in two separate ISAs in any one tax year: one cash ISA and one stocks and shares ISA. You cannot save in more than one cash ISA or more than one stocks and shares ISA in the same tax year.

There are a variety of Cash ISA accounts available from instant access to fixed rate accounts. The main difference between an ISA and other savings accounts is that tax isn't taken from the interest you earn from your cash ISA. On an instant access savings account, for example, higher-rate taxpayers pay will have to pay 40% on any savings interest, while those in the basic-rate tax band pay 20%. So an ISA gives you the opportunity to earn more from your savings.

For further information on ISAs see our ISA guide.