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Guide to applying for van insurance

Man with a vanPurchasing van insurance used to be a complicated and time-consuming task, but the process is now considerably easier thanks to insurance comparison sites like This straightforward guide will make the van insurance biz less confusing and highlight that shopping around online for your van insurance could really save you time and money!

Applying for van insurance

Due to the variety of purposes that vans are used for, the many levels of cover available means that van insurance is a bit more complex than car insurance.  But the process of finding the quote that’s right for you becomes simpler if, from the outset, you enter as many accurate details into the application form as possible.

It is also important to know that the basis for underwriting varies between van insurance brokers, which explains why quotes from different insurance providers rarely match.

Find van insurance online

In the old days, comparing insurance quotes required submitting the same information over and over to various brokers in person or over the phone in order to obtain a range of prices. But now, sites such as (in association with Gladiator) will do all the legwork for you. Just enter your details once and we’ll go to many of the best known players in the market to bring you a selection of great quotes.

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